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Alfred Banality, MD. Here Euros. Kimberly Bermel Been naughty and co host eats and you Cur and Jeff Flagstaff. Thank you so much for coming into everything that the thing today I am Kimberly Benado alongside my friend Ethan Ugur. Now, while conservatives have been fighting against the radical left for years now, even members of the Democratic Party are turning on them as well. Joining us to discuss is Heshy Tischler Ah Jewish pro Trump, conservative Democrat who's running for New York City Council in a bid to stop the radical left for taking over City Hall. So first thank you for being with us. Thank you Can't believe. Thank you. You've been good afternoon. How are you? What now? Why don't you tell us Because you have to be kind of the rear breed in New York City as that Conservative Democrat. Can you define that position for us? If he is not conservative Democrat, I am a citizen. I'm a neighbor and it's our city. So you want to call me whatever you want? Some of you guys call me politician. I will never be a politician on one of my neighbors and I'm not going into city. One of the big to stop them. I will stop them. I'm going inside City hall because I've been doing it for 35 years. Kimberlee. I've been having a youth in my house. I do. I help people in jails. I go to the hospital every day. This is what I do. I do my own thing, and I do my job. I love my city. So you want to call me conservative on this New Yorker? And these people need me that May I need myself too. I see the pain. The strife. Who taught you to do it Just so there's a lot of me out there just that you guys don't know. So the big shots who have taken over city Hall because we've been quiet, so no, no more was stopping them. And it stops here with me. And I know Kimberly what you're gonna want. You want me to make promises to you know, I'm not your politician is the one promise I'm gonna do the best job? The most honorable job and I've been going in for 35 years and you will not see a change. I don't need to be your governor. I don't need be a president. I mean, City Councilman. It's gonna take Over City Hall. You know how you can't fight City hall. Ego. Come fight me. I'm gonna be my idea. So has she describe what's going on in New York City? Because your campaign promises to stop the radical left. What I mean, what's going on? Who? Who specifically? Are we talking about? What are some of the policies that you're fighting back against? Well, as you know, I don't have to tell you about Mr De Blasio who really truly hurts me. I hate him. I know you're not allowed to hit another fellow person. I really do. I'm sorry. That's one of the few Governor Cuomo. These are the people. You will feel that they're gonna be reelected, which I'm going to stop them. We have a lot of people in City council who have been silent. They let us close our stores, our synagogues, They find my committee. Now let's forget about New York City. My community $51 million. I have a big tuitions to pay, and I would like them and like their money. They're arresting people Domestic. This is America. And maybe we don't understand what America means. We're free coming, scaring kids. So this is your left, and we have people like Tiffany. Come on, Who's going into City Council to allow druggies, child molesters, Murderers, rapists. Out Recently we had a vandalism of 47 gods. One of my friends was a Supreme Court judge said no bail eight crime. May de Blasio, whose radio is because he's not mine anymore. Wait sense into another judge and let him out. Somebody's got to explain this to me. So these are the people I'm fighting When they shut down my community. I cut the box I went around. York City opened up 19 of them. The movement started. My community has not been affected as much as the rest of the city because I chased the police. I work with the police. They helped me out a lot. They're really good people and I will never be found them. They will be refunded. I chased the building department to help department all my stores over all my city guns open. Yes, we take finds all of my parts open out from 4 30 in the morning when I go to the hospitals till 12 and making sure my pops open defending my store's doing my job doing my community. Service. This is not my city. It's our city and the people are standing up. So my community is now feeling less pressure. And I'm gonna keep spreading the word and I'm gonna tell you what is spreading through the city. I've talked to people in other states and other countries to stand up screen back. Don't be scared. Well, how is she? I need to jump in because so many people are leaving New York City in droves. You would think the progressives would realize they're pushing people out? Why can't they see That they say they're the leaders, but I don't know who they're leading when there's a mass exodus, right people are losing me, Kimberly when doing epidemic when you don't let us earn money, and you raise our taxes by 18%. I mean, this is I mean, loan shark numbers. They're leaving. Yes, to being replaced by people of lower income of people were able to come from other countries. I got it and I have no problem. New York City for me is open. I love anybody to come in. My house is open all the time. I'm Kimberly could come and go as you please, just don't even in this yoga. That's $7 each, please. But this you were leaving, and these people don't care that my good friends my people have left in Jersey. Connecticut businesses. L C throughout Amazon, says 25 million is nothing the trickle down effect the tens of billions additional money that we could have gotten. I'm not going to believe. Well, good luck with everything that I have to ask you a quick the Democrats were percentage. Do you think really voted for Trump than 2020? You want me to give you experience the feeling I'm not gonna do that? I love I love Mr Trump. I've seen him before. He's bonded by town. But I tell you now that that's Jewish community 85% of us voted for him. 85% of the Orthodox Jewish community, not because we love him. He did the job, right? He was a good man, an honorable man. So if you I don't need to tell you why, Because that's why we did. My m, a Democrat was born a Democrat and my people are lost. And you know, like Joseph, it was a slave. He became a king, and he led the people to freedom. I'm not King I'm playing Has she can't really just remember that? That's what my wife says He's not more than me, and she's like she has all the money by the way, but my point to you is I'm going to try not to leave. Can believe I don't wanna be. I'm gonna guide I have knowledge. I'm more experienced than all my other candidates. From ordered two budgets to going to jail, scabby week to taking in 21 foster kids don't remember. Don't ever forget that they're my beautiful wife has put up with me, so I know this strife in the punishment than that. The hell they go from side used that word on the streets. You come with me for a day And you see those women shelters have little choice. There. There. So I'm gonna take about. Unfortunately, we're out of time. I really enjoyed this conversation with Kimberly. Tell everybody just with that. I need your money. Help me win. Let me get in. Let me fight. Good luck. Thank you So much. Has she Tischler for being on the program. Good luck in the paint. Thank you. Make sure you stay tuned coming up after the break. A story of recovery. Nuts and bolts belong in the cars. You build, not your back lesser spine. Surgeons want to install worthless hardware that could become tangled in nerves or loosen overtime. 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