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Seven as we take a look back at this past week on new hampshire today in on wednesday morning check out chance toxin politics with neil hlavac hey speaking of politics plenty of that going on down in washington a joining us now and it's been a too long to he's been on because he's been busy guy always is a he runs the institute a politics over at st anton college neil avec joins us in the affair was finalized good morning mr neil how are you good morning commute great good you have at any boating mishaps yet have you this season no you can't really get out to mark the weather in pretty bad but hoping to get out and a little bit i wanna do a separate shows we get into the summer with neil he's a friend of mine and he's a he's a big avid tuna fishermen him and his brother and there's no of the show that on national geographic they have they have nothing on these guys expect separate neil loses his anchor hey neil let's get back to um politics i wanted to get your for a few moments on the show today and you know the president's on his first international trip only get your take on how you think it's going we will we've updated folks on what's happening in great britain the highest security level three more arrests made this morning in the cell but then get back to washington and the ongoing talk and shatter uh about the russian stuff in and around the election continued leaks will what i really want to get at meal vaccine handsome college institute politics do you think this administration and more importantly this president populist type president different style not very political at times a stepping on a lotta toast but he still doing some things that people quietly a lot of people who voted.

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