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Places like a walgreens or safeway that made them believe that it worked right i mean what one of the craziest parts of the theranos scandal is that walgreens essentially did not do any due diligence it hired a laboratory consultant as a explain in the book kevin hunter in two thousand ten to help it that the technology and hunter flew out to palo alto twice with walgreens executives and attempted to to do some independent verification but whenever he asked tough questions are asked to see the lab or asked to conduct a fifty patient comparison study at stanford elizabeth homes with would shut them down and say no we're actually not interested in doing that and after a few months of of kevin hunter asking tough questions elizabeth and sunny her boyfriend told walgreens that they didn't want him in meetings between the companies anymore and they didn't want him participating in these weekly video conference calls anymore and walgreens actually agreed to exclude its own laboratory expert from the meetings from that point on and so he was affectively he continued to work for walgreens for several months but he was marginalized he was excluded and and prevented to do his job by by his own by the by the company that had hired him it's one of the most extraordinary parts of their story the other thing it sounded like was that to show that they were getting results from just as it'll droplets applied in fact they would dilute the blood right time to create more volume that that came later so fast forward to the fall two thousand thirteen theranos is going alive and in walgreens stores with its finger stick tests unfortunately at that point it the latest iteration of it's technologies a machine called the mini lab and the mini lab is just a prototype it doesn't work it's years from from being ready to run patient samples and so what are knows does is it does soften older machine called the edison named after thomas edison which is a limited machine because it only does one class of.

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