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C what we creatures fiery undersea volcanos. When we got back to the surface, I kissed the ground and called my mom, of course, but you know what? I wouldn't trade that guy for anything. Doctor figueroa uses her passion for stem to discover new things and make the world a better place. She can stem, so can you. Check out she can stem for more stories and inspiration. A message from the ad council. Broadcasting 24 hours a day at Bloomberg dot com and the Bloomberg business app. This is Bloomberg radio. Now, a global news update. Three folks are feared dead and nearly a thousand homes are destroyed following a Marshall fire in boulder county. That's according to Boulder county sheriff Joe peli, previously officials had reported no fatalities or missing persons in connection to the fire, the three are missing residents but officials fear they may be dead as each of their homes are now completely destroyed by the fire. Officials have obtained a search warrant for one property that may be connected to the cause of the state's biggest fire, which remains under investigation. Officials in Kentucky say water rescues are being carried out east of Lexington as severe storms sweep across the state. Heavy rain from a slow moving storm system cause flash flooding in several counties or tornado warning was issued earlier for the Bowling Green area. That area has already sustained damage from a previous storm. Eric Adams was sworn in as the mayor of New York City on New Year's Eve and this morning he delivered his first address as New York City's 110th mayor. David folk Thomas reports. This city's second black mayor striking an optimistic tone in his New Year's Day address. Despite COVID-19 and his persistence, New York is not closed. It is still open and alive..

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