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And yes now country. Ninety s is to hit with us. Oh did this. Yeah for me. Nasha carre o So are to make our where win. Now i hill however and was good. See we fit. Come man studio this not in hold us back from no not not nothing no matter which and they say they go around the world not all those back although four completes compact and do not only medium size monday classy and up just quickly allow no. Then they'll take Market no we'll go check small markets with the sponsors with before here with those today. So chappel this. Sandra for nasa nah. Nah okay can make me grits. Washy people had a group everybody when they listen to us today. I deal more akao at everybody right. Today's topic molinari. Because this for we the people we see so we'll go. We'll go rob minds together. We don't talk about planning. We talk about our own their individual. Planning all this. Why so today will take on the planning of the states so before that time. It just simply here from the people and for our back for this program this month with them where with asthma alliens in sharon's companies. So make our brother show polish polly talk to us on sharon's matter. Let's say they say insurance now. Smart thinking good money. No my name's steer bedrock okudah present allience ensure us yesterday new and the say most talk not a bella with they talk about Insurance to make sure say our properties do covered and like. I did talk insurance. Actually smart thinking Any person we make issues is is is smart so now with the every goofy do know be waiting. expensive. That would talk that people think fassi you buy one or two teams where you newsy your mind. Your heart beat put fifty to make sure see you. Corrupt to make sure see a case of any eventuality. you go feeds 'em dc. I need help mostly pool once while i calm. Everybody shot that. I need to the shots. I need to have enough wake on one of good. I need do for yourself the tough. Aw hand now your responsibility to make sure your practice did for alessi show. We do Kind of sheri- would they do. Whom scher us would he do. Traveling sheriffs do a firearm book. Larry kiss Passing bogalusa into your shop dial shop. We don't almost like three million commodities we d is operatives crag mid governor governments you cry comatose comatose. I'm not we could do concerning matter not to attempt to your mata. Got me right now. They need help. Everybody need help so if you did wrong. Because we don't know who have bought for the demata so as not shown us. Net was also do apart from a cigar us. We cover your life multiple tnc dr particular one. Auntie depressing Dick transport. Good your aside nine You want and you know like trump because if you transport goodyear asset family members go kiro money so people will like to chop every two with when they are live you stupid insurance. You enjoy assure city. Enjoy the policy-wise the life so he's is komo kamunting. We're every individual fee. Do as we get car of why millionaire or one point five million novakova via one issue up niveau pasta for our church and in just the drive. Go house mickey puck anti compound lysol goldman just eschaton carry guzzo unless they go us out before you do. Police say one for god but he shot where where he shot where do area for the area. But if you do insurance you see. See the rest. So idea surprised for people with the push. Responsibility will be our own to god. Everybody he was supposed to take go. No go brush your teeth this morning. So now you go take that your own responsibility by say for yourself with yourself so shall not the best in every passing need to this year with already down. We don't start so any past the start this is plan plan of little eventuality. Nobody for example they drive. Now you much dry but the draft will you They say those people are said they. No that had no deal was today. That beats you you deal on your own lynn. Pepsico from your issue before you say man may not be mangled repair car but if you get policy policy will cover that particular car. You know. Go to get problem. One of our clients were buddha where they drive it actually lobby. Of course even see car. And there's a league indycar for one of the club. I said i e sedative team win the beyond repair every day every day. Ninety call see How far good insurance company comp redacting two am to make sure say they replace the car. Cannock our d. beyond what did they do not to see how to repeal and replace for the amount you get the car in showed so my people ensure us matic and thinking i remain bedrock kudaligama named never change change so the number to call now zero eight one three four nine three two nine four one shop elisha policy that you go run your shirts nowadays. Nobody will call. You can't nobody. It's why three four nine three two nine four one. Call this number mixture. See you d covered. Maybe we'll see too much talk. The people will.

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