President Trump, Nami, ABC discussed on Morning News with Manda Factor and Gregg Hersholt


Lana Zak at the White House has a president has been weighing in again on Twitter president writing quote, as everyone knows you can't have border security without a wall in recent days. Many Republicans have been talking about broader border security rather than a wall in hopes of brokering, a compromise with Democrats acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, says the shutdown could last into the new year. New Year's day is when the Pentagon gets a new head President Trump announcing that's when deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan will take over for James Mattis, Madison said, he wouldn't stay. He would stay on through February half an hour before the markets. Open for a short trading day futures are pointing toward a lower open ABC's Aaron Katersky. The stock market has been so volatile Treasury Secretary Mnuchin called the country's top bankers on Sunday and plan to convene what's known as the plunge protection team. The main stewards of American finance Mnuchin also sought to reassure the bankers. President Trump was not planning to fire fed chairman Jerome Powell this month, the S and P five hundred is down more than twelve percent. The NASDAQ is down more than thirteen percent MasterCard tracking holiday sales now says this has been one of the best shopping seasons in years says retail sales across the board or up five point two percent. The death toll and the soon NAMI and Indonesia is now up to three hundred and seventy three people ABC's in panels there. Well, made this soon. Nami particularly devastating who's that was no warning. It was triggered not by an earthquake. But by landslides, sending a wave onto this crowded popular tourist area. But is now emerging from the Indonesian disaster management agency, the these NAMI warning system that had been in place hasn't been working properly since twenty twelve empanel ABC news Java, Indonesia, fourteen hundred people were hurt in the soon..

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