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I mean, come on. I'm sorry. I should show them a lot more respect. I, yeah, yeah. All the judge to the Levante fans everywhere, but Real Madrid still going to wipe that s. But yeah, at this point, dude, I don't see Real Madrid making it to the final, especially after this four games that we've just in lost against spaniel, loss against via drew, Athletico now lost events, Moscow so sums up. I think it's gonna come down to the coach, Lou gaudy to figure out where the players play their best because obviously they have world class players module crews. He's go their entire fucking back line as was two world-class goalies. So they got the talent. It just needs to be used right and used right fast. Yeah, you know it's sorely so I don't really have Real Madrid hasn't let me down in the past three years in the Champions League. And I don't see them really doing any time soon until they do until they do. I'm not until they're out of the tournament. I'm just gonna keep you and like they're probably gonna make Lisa semi finals to buyer versus I XE two kings of Europe. One, formerly one still kind of. By Munich, hell Dayaks. I mean, that's I mean, that's huge for them. So I don't really have too much comments on the game, but like what's what's Byron doing here? I mean, this should be one of those like dominating performances for them where they really show that they're going to come out and like dominate the Champions League. But I asked some young talent. I mean, you can't count them out and I think they're going to be team. You can't count out on this ornament. Yeah, man. And I think it's most surprising that they lost at the having ends arena Knaw in I access stadium. And if you look at the team that they put out, put out there eighteen, they had their entire starting lineup about. And so like you said, I would expect them to just roll through this squad, but for whatever reason, the young guns on I XE really fucking held them and really performed. Well, I think the most interesting player on x and my favorite player on hiatus right now is vanderbeek. He had that fucking gorgeous goal in the first. Set of matches and they've got good quality all throughout the team. So I could actually see Byron stumbling again once they return at the stadium and the stat line is pretty much the same on both sides of the ball with the exception of Byron had sixty percent of the possession. But all the shots passes the accuracy, the fouls, pretty much neck and neck. So kings of Germany. I wouldn't put them up as kings of Europe anymore. It ain't twenty twelve anymore. Yeah, back in the old swine stagger days God, I missed that. Well, I guess he still plays but not like I don't watch molasses. It goes now ghost I might be broke, but real quick. Philadelphia union game this weekend. I got. I got just because I got free tickets. So out shot to free games if you're at the Philadelphia union game sup. All right. Moving on to PSE versus Red Star. Belgrade people are making a big deal out of this game. Martin again, it's PSE going up against a bunch of fucking farmers are RH and breach. name are looking phenomenal against Red Star Belgrade and let me get like name are destroyed. He was absolutely phenomenal. Don't get me wrong, but I'm not taking anything away from this game. I'm going to say, wow, watch out for PS g after they lost Liverpool and actually good side and you know, neymar was pretty much in James Milner pocket the entire game, which is James Milner. So I don't. I don't. I'm not going to be like, wow, watch out for PSC after his game. I they do this weekly against size like this in league. So I mean, that's my thoughts on the game. I'm right there with you every single fucking Twitter page. The Bleacher report pages ESPN pages the Golan also pages on Instagram. Every single page was showing the highlights of name are showing his trickery with his feet, showing his hat trick, and I thought the exact same look. He can't do this BS g. and name or kennel do this against the cream of the crop..

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