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Indianapolis Boulevard. Some heavy delays there and also slow from I 65 declined Watch for Crash and Niles at TUI and Milwaukee. Her band of all deputy in traffic Central. Several billboards meant to honor Chicago police officers killed in the line of duty have been vandalized in recent weeks. The discovery comes after the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation placed 66 billboards throughout the city to honor uniformed men and women who sacrifice daily to protect the city. Police are still trying to identify the culprits. Phill Kline is the executive director of the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation. We're trying to show that the police are heroes. They're out there doing the right thing and their family people, too, and it's just a shame what happened there, and it's despicable. Somebody would do that to a mill mark. Four of the billboards have been defaced within the last few weeks, Two were vandalized just yesterday. Two weeks after the Chicago Police Department released a first draft of a foot pursuit policy activists and attorneys with the consent decree coalition called the document confusing, said it gives officers too much discretion and doesn't require documentation of every chase. Chicago Civil rights attorney Sheila Betty says the new rules still allow officers to chase people who have committed only minor offenses. And do not remedy the problems caused by foot pursuits, which she said is a deadly lethal tactic. Kelly met Park police officers did not show up for work again today after filing a grievance about their shifts increasing from 10 to 12 hours. Village attorney Bert Old Olson says officers choosing not to show up will be terminated. I contacted the F o p the main lodge and talk to their attorney. This is not a part of any direction from the main large. This is all internal quite obvious. It's a blue flu and retaliation to changing their hours. And he hasn't ruled out taking legal action against the officers, either. A two day teacher strike at urban prep academies is over. After a three year contract was reached early today with CPS. The deal includes special Ed protections, first ever class size limits and improvements to teacher evaluations. 34 teachers from the Inglewood, Bronzeville and near West Side campuses will also get additional paid leave back pay for the three years they were denied raises as well as salary increases. They also on the right to open the contract for renegotiation shortly after the next school year. James Sears. WGN NEWS WGN SPORTS Here's Kevin Powell. The White Sox are 24 10 at home this season. That's the best winning percentage in the American League and host the Blue Jays in the middle of a three game set Ready. Lance Lynn, who is second in the Ale and E R. A is on the mound, Cubs leading the Padres 3 to 1 in the bottom of the ninth of that rubber match. Baseball's Hall of Fame, moving this year's induction ceremony from July 25th to September eight. So a crowd may attend as coronavirus restrictions ease in the White Sox announcing today that June 25th guaranteed rate field will go full capacity interest arena. Chicago Sky hosts Indiana. Candace Parker is expected back after missing the last eight games. With an ankle injury. NBA conference semi finals in the West Sons look to go up to O on the Nuggets Stanley Cup playoffs. Islanders advanced in the semis with a victory over the Bruins. And after the pandemic wiped out in person, OTAs last summer. The Bears have been holding many camps over the past few weeks at Hellas Haulers, Matt Nagy. It gets old doing it through a video it really it really does from now we're out here and we're teaching and they're CNN and they're feeling it. And it just it's so I can't explain the benefits of being here in person and what that means. Mandatory workouts begin next week. I'm Kevin Powell, WGN sports and now the WGN forecast. We'll see Partly cloudy skies tonight Patchy fog for the overnight the low temperature 65 degrees. Mostly sunny skies.

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