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I yeah i would've if it was but it wasn't because i do love that show. Let's see so we can start. Yes so again ed to be multicolored. I guess are filmed live studio audience or laugh track and that's it right. Yes criteria so that's what we did. We did the top ten and then also we just to point out. Jerry tried to boot alex from the show on this one because he wanted to bring in his own special guests. I did only because i thought he actually wanted to be. Digital was three feet away from both of you when he told you that i was gonna concurrently. He doesn't remember any of that. That's not true at that party that none of that is childbirth party okay. I want to clear up one thing. I've ever go for it. One episode of scrubs one episode which was specifically made to be a fantasy episode where they're in front of a live studio audience was was filmed in front of life. I didn't do a lotta research in my life in four cameras and it was a take on a single cam show as a multi track sitcom sitcom nice. I i saw it. It's not on my list so i don't know how is your oldest son. After his giant spill off of a slide salaya middle middle middle son yeah he was completely fine. Actually he cried the entire way home as did grady. We have my son. He cried the entire way home because they didn't want to leave. We had my daughter's birthday party this weekend. At a park. The kids were covered in water and there was a splash splash jerry and he came over to jerry said he can. I go over on that slide and jerry said hold on wait a second and he dumped a bunch of like vegetable oil all over. I thought he set them on the slide and then he went off the side of the slide. A curling nightmarish waterpark accident apparently bad because amy landed straightness face base glance face. He got his face cast..

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