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With diarrhea and didn't get a scratchy sore throat and then get a fever and then you have a dry cough what we do and I'm sure other hospitals emulate this as well what we do is we have you take a respiratory profile which it consists of about I would say ten respiratory viral tests and influenza a and influenza B. testing if all of that is negative then we test you for Kobe nineteen so we don't waste the check this is what we do in the emergency room out in the open spaces of a parking lot or the local mall or wherever they're now setting up the public testing centers you should have symptoms before you get tested because you're taking that test away from somebody who may need it and more importantly in this is a big one you're using a personal protection material that your first responders need for doctors and nurses me and believe me we have a major shortage of Max gloves down and we need it all and we don't have enough of it and that's our biggest problem right now the majority of people who are diagnosed recovery at home what is the defining point at which you leave home and go into the hospital when you have respiratory difficulty when you have difficulty breathing when it feels like something is sitting on your chest and compressing your chest something that makes you feel like you can't take your breath you're you're you're struggling then you dial nine one one and then we're happy to see you and we'll fix here the seven thirty news is next on WMAL then we're back with lieutenant colonel Tony Shaffer and K. T. McFarland WMAL FM Woodbridge Washington more than ever Japan on one oh five point nine FM W. cumulus stations news now the mail news at seven thirty good morning I'm heather Curtis a Baltimore county man in his sixties becomes the second Maryland or to die from the corona virus governor Larry Hogan says he suffered from other medical conditions he urges Marylanders to take the public health crisis seriously to help flatten the curve and someone who works in vice president Mike pence's office has tested positive as well they don't identify who the individual is they said they had no contact with them and the vice president or the president in recent days but they say they are following those CDC guideline to figure out there tracing who it is that they did have contact with that if that person potentially came in contact with the president the vice president or any of the senior staff correspondent Kaitlan Collins as more people get the virus Montgomery county's working to set up the drive through testing facility yesterday Montgomery county executive Marc Elrich said med star called him to talk about setting up a site in Bethesda we were thinking about where to go I called Alan Gottlieb is learner which owns the white flint site L. rich says Lerner was happy to help so we put him in touch with med star he says there's plenty of space since the white flint mall was torn down years ago in sports it seems like we all need something to look forward to in these uncertain times but one thing people across the world enjoy it may have to be postponed the Norwegian Olympic committee wants to hold off on the Japan twenty twenty Olympic games until the pandemic's under control traffic and weather next on WMAL whether you're buying a home or trying to lower your interest rate.

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