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Associated to her harness. She's good. She lets me put it on. Not a problem at all. And then doing that letter walk around on that and get used to it and then I take it off of her. And then an area where she sits down and lays down and right now she's just coming in from my side. She's sitting on top of her harness and the leash, but I don't you know, the leash is more like a toy. She'll want to go after it. That's okay. That's okay. We can use that to our advantage. And that's one way that you can have around the harness and using preferably, I didn't even get into that as far as we want to use a light leash just so it doesn't really dig that heavy sensation of that leash. So we want to go with a really light training leash. But you can use that. Use that as a way to get her interested in moving forward. And she wants to chase the leash, just make it a nice long one. And teaser with a little bit of maker play with it, or get a little feather toy, something like that to get her interested in moving forward. And that can of treats. Hey, that's a great thing to bring about along as well too. So even to get her to go a few feet is really, that's all we're asking. First we wanted to tolerate the leash. In the harness. And then we want to just ask her to take a few steps. And you just work up with time and positive reinforcement with those treats. And of course, I don't want to see. You're going to get chubby, but there is definitely a way whether or not in those other situations where she'll really take to this. Try to control her environment and do that in a safe, quiet place. So she'll feel more comfy with that experience. I think I'm good. I think I have patients with right. I want to take her out with some in the motor home and I've had other I've had two other cats in the motorhome and they were older. They were used to my voice and saying, she's this one's just turning two and I just want to get

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