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So maybe miguel is just pointing it out or maybe who knows a little stick. A little poke maverick's direction. A buddy it is good one way or the other. I think to see yama at least attempting to get a rider like miguel. Who's upside is just huge right now and it would have been the spectacular get for yamaha and in my opinion one of the few writers maybe even the only rider that will be worth risking losing franken morbidelli in the end to go out and get but even with this twenty twenty two contract. You can be absolutely certain that. Miguel olivera is going to be a hotly pursued writer in next year silly season providing that he keeps riding the way he has been the past few rounds on that new. Ktm chassis never pretty good feeling that he will now the majority of you think it is a virtual lock. The franco morbidelli is going to be the rider that gets that factory yamaha seat next season. But jamie not convinced yet. Jamie's not quite sure that franco is going to get that factory seat in the end pointing to the fact that yamaha wasn't willing to change their plan for him. Despite the fact that he won three races and finished second overall last season still insisting instead that he soldier on with an older bike while the obviously waning valentine rossi on the other side of his garage got petronas new equipment instead now. A lot of that had to do with the fact that rossi is while valentino rossi. Obviously and be. The valentino is contracting directly to yamaha. Where morbidelli isn't but yeah it still has serious shades of the johann zarco situation and they were fine. Yamaha was allowing zarko to leave. So maybe the same will be true in the end with frankie although i would think that especially with olivera off the table now that there options have kind of put them in a box where you know that familiar writer in franken morbidelli may not seem like the most mysterious most exciting choice. But certainly it's the ryder that's available. That has the most potential. And honestly i think if yamaha's thinking about it that way that we rather go outside because we want a more exciting choice for that bike they're gonna lose out because morbidelli absolutely has the potential to be as good or almost as good as fabio quarrel. But i think that. Dj has the best solution by far for yamaha in twenty twenty two two words who are hey lorenzo. That's what i'm talking about. Bring it on man. I'm one hundred percent on board with that plan for no other reason but the drum. I don't even care if lorenzo rides that well. Although i'm curious to see how he would do after sitting out for so long but i'm more one in back for what he says before during and after around rather than what he's going to do in the bike so i'm absolutely on board with that i mean they've got fabio quattro road to go after a championship. Let's have some fun. Bring her lorenzo. Back convince valentino rossi. The stick around for another year on his own. Do khadi and let those to go head to head for the old guys championship. Hell why not get lovie in there to put him on the appropriate. Let all three of them go after it and then they can play for the seniors tour. They can win a trophy of a guy in a rocking chair. I'm sure asia and can make an awesome trophy of an old dude wearing your helmet and a rocking chair that we could give to the winner of that competition. All right so there was shockingly some non yamaha stuff. Believe it or not that you guys wanted to talk about. We'll start wish. News bart who linked to an article confirming that enables dini will be getting a twenty twenty one desma ditching next year. So he'll be getting a one year old bike with christine. As opposed to his current two year old offering out of it still remains to be seen how all of the do khadi offerings are going to be handed out. Obviously the factory guys are going to get twenty twenty two bikes. And i cannot imagine that. The pre mac. Riders won't also get the same equipment since they have it this year with vr forty-six signing policy abbadi confirmed that valentino. Rossi's team will be getting one quote full factory bike with support as well as twenty twenty one bike and that would make five current year. Do qadis on the grid would assume. Then that at that point the rossini team would get to twenty twenty one bikes won for best seaney as announced and the other fabio the san antonio since at the end of the year. They're gonna have plenty of 2021 bikes to hand out. So it's hard to imagine the degen san antonio who's contracted to rossini would end up with better equipment than best ya who's contracted directly to khadi and that's good. That means that no bikes on the grid should be older than one year old next season. That means better opportunities and better competition as a result epstein didn't suicide which is a statement of a username for sure Lit up with his fantasy leagues score after ass in one thousand one hundred and sixty points top two percent of all teams not in the league but in the entire game. Now we haven't talked about fantasy leagues for a long time. So we'll do that either on next week show or the episode after that one and by the way. If you've just started listening recently and you don't know this already we've got to fantasy leagues this year One is on sports deck. The other one is on the official motor. gp website..

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