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You can do is you can help him out by going in and buying some games and they even do curbside pickup. So going down to the guild house and tell them. Then frank sent you but what's really pretty unique. But what he has a he has masol tation. So if if you like we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna mess it up and we're going to knock you over. We'll find out what's under you so that we can take it and he's all like by just send you somewhere else. It's like it's a deadly. Could've sent him down by the pit. I thought about that. They had asked he probably wouldn't do it for funsies though like if you ask them. Hey can use send us down to the bottom of the pit. They'd be like like no. Why but if you started messing with this object protecting my name valley somewhere else. I don't know if he could send you a wall and don't think you can intentionally send someone into wall. I think that's the mischance. Nothing how that mischance anymore. From second edition so Instagram a puzzle an empires. And this is the time. When i iraq on darrell little mix. I haven't seen him in the guil- recently no i i did join join play. I made minimal effort here. Fair enough But i i was in the war. Today i was so angry. I was so mad. I i was running my big team and this team is so good. Now that i can say. I can do thirty five thousand points to a titan whereas before i was only doing like eight to nine thousand now i can do like thirty. Five thousand to tighten. Because it's a really good team and i like go in and i'm like okay. This is the war. There's no other teams. What's what's the team it's like. It's a thirty five like paul. Roma thirty seven done no problem. Oh my gosh cecil the worst team ever for some reason one Sometimes i don't know if the game does it on purpose but like if you have if you don't have a specific type of hero it will give you all puzzle pieces of the hero you don't have sometimes so it totally twist you and you're sitting there going. Oh great. i've got all green. And i've got no bring guy so every every hit that i'm doing with green is doing one damage which is garbage. So you're sitting there and you're trying to get everything going and it's just it's not going and it just..

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