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It is 10 minutes before eight o'clock social media strategist Scott Kleinberg with us for his Tuesday morning briefing. Are you doing, Scott? I'm doing well, Bob, How are you? Well, you know what? I made it to work, So it's been a success. Let ze talk about What's happening now that the presidential election is over the impeachment trial is over. And apparently Facebook has. Ah, brilliant idea. What is it that I know, Scott? You had to do a double take when you heard about this, right? Yeah. Yeah, I actually thought it was an April fool's joke, But Facebook is actually now launching a test. Where it's going to reduce the amount of political content. People's news feeds because people have been concerned about the impact of this divisive political debates, so they're going to do something about it. Why now? That's such a good question, Bob. It's like they just woke up. You know. Mark Zuckerberg CEO said that one comment piece of feedback They here is that people don't want political content to take over their newspeak. So in the next few months, they're going to figure out a way to address that. So they're starting out by reducing the distribution outside the U. S. First in Canada, Brazil, Indonesia in small places that don't have any impact on here, and then they're going to move to the U. S in the next few weeks, And then what? Well, then they find ways to rank that kind of contact, and then they have to distribute it differently than they're doing it now and then. I think they have to survey users and after all that, based on the results, they'll either make changes or he'll go back to the way things work. Explain again how these tests work. Yeah, sure. So Facebook every other Social platform two at for that matter. They run these tests from time to time in different places, and most are small, sometimes a handful of people. Sometimes the country like we just talked about before. The goal is to get feedback from a small subset before they even think about a wide rollout. And that's actually smart. You know, A lot of big changes do come from a result of these tests. You know, on Twitter, you have tweets that doubled in size on other platforms. You've had videos take over. You know for photos. It's like Forrest Gump said. You never know what you're gonna get. I know you'll be using Facebook for a long time. You think this is the right way to approach it? I would say it's a way. Um, it's a good way. But I think that there are ways that the public would appreciate more. So, for example, there are lots of platforms out there where you logged on and people you know, you can select the kinds of things that interest you the most. You could say. I want to see sports. I want to see this and that way that they choose the content is how the content appears on the platform. I would love to see Facebook offer check boxes where you could be select politics when it gets to be too much, and then you can select it again when important events are happening, So you know someone who has no interest in sports would never see sports content. But Facebook, you know, remember, is an algorithm its base by an algorithm. So it's not about you know, giving person personal choice. It's about the larger delivery system. And I think the crazy thing is, you know they're waiting until politics is, you know, almost second hand right now. Because of everything that's already happened when they could have been testing this when it was happening, So it's it's just interesting. And when might we know when Facebook or what Facebook decides that? That's a really tough to answer question, Bob Some tests they happen quick. Some last years, I would say the bigger the potential outcome, the longer it takes to make it decision. So to answer your question, I would say that by the At least I hope that by the time we get to midyear elections, 2022 that will have some sense of where they're headed. It's 7 54. The news at eight from the North Western Medicine newsroom will include all of the latest weather and traffic info. Scott before we let you go. Is Twitter really going to go to a subscription model? Are we gonna have to pay for Twitter? I would not worry about that. Right now. This this topic comes up every once in a while where people are talking about it. I would say that Twitter has been looking into ways to charge for content, probably for years now and every once in a while. Someone wants to figure out the magic way to do it. I do not think that we are going to have to Katie get on Twitter. At some point, Maybe you'll have to pay for something specific that on Twitter, but even that, I think has a long way to go before it actually hits us. Well, this is the morning where on Facebook and Twitter. It's all about the snow and pictures of cars stuck. Yeah, I came across a quote that I wanted to share with you. I thought this was just so perfect on guy Can't remember who said this, but I've stole it and I'm using it all the time. Ready for this. Just just because we have the means of expressing opinions quickly does not mean we have an opinion worth expressing quickly. That Dad? I would I would. I may actually hijack that. That's a really good. That was a really good word. You think a good quote. You know, we should all have that. Like on a post it note near our phones and computers. Don't you think it should be? It should be absolutely on our phone. We should refer to it 10 times a day. Got Kleinberg social media strategist doctor next week. Thank you, Scott. Take care of up. It's almost 7 56 right now, after the eight o'clock news, which, as I said, we'll include a complete weather and traffic roundup Will check on what's happening in the world of entertainment with Dean Richards and He's got the info on that Oprah interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Also, there's a new star of Season two of Bridgeton. Let's talk about that. And Dionne Warwick says. There's going to be a serious based on her life. I'll watch that's all coming up. And in our next hour in addition to keeping you posted on the slowly improving weather and traffic will check in with Doug Glanville and talk about the Cubs in the marquee channel and what Doug is up to these days. News coming up at eight. If you've got an insurance question, you could talk to a park Ranger. But the only quotes they'd probably give you would be about the beauty of a fallen leaf or ripples in a pond. Not the kind that could save you money on your policies. Or you could talk to your local Geico agent.

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