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Just out for a good quote. You think they'd care if the Lakers blow up tomorrow? Hell no, the great, especially under my byline. I had this quote from LeBron as a team totally blew up. But he's talking too much and pretty much blaming the young guys. He, yeah, he's a circus. Yeah. But he's got the circus. He does as an awesome player. But he is a total in Uttar circle. If you've been to the finals, h straight years, you do have the credibility. You know, what it takes to win granted was Eastern Conference not as strong as the west. But still you cannot drag guys especially after you and Magic Johnson sat together and said, hey trade 'em, all and let's get there who wouldn't feel a little funny towards somebody. Lebron himself ruined. The Lakers chemistry by. I being so public with his desires to play with Anthony Davis. Yeah. And now look where they're at their sub five hundred. They're not going to the playoffs. They got dominated last night. Bye. Bye. Did you watch the game last night? I guess saw the I just saw the end of it now. And again, did you see the horrendous horrendous indifferent defense that everybody those spots out there? They're actually going at him now because he doesn't you know what I mean there who's going at the other teams are just saying I'm just talking about his effort last night. He's not attic. Yeah. Pathetic. Seriously last night. If you watched the highlights if you saw LeBron his stat line looks awesome, twenty four points, twelve boards, eleven assists. He was pathetic as far as no desire at all. No desire to play defense at all Gary. He didn't he wasn't moving. He wasn't moving. He wasn't guys were driving by him. He wasn't even sliding. And then he's pointing fingers in bitching out his teammates the same guys that he was demanding betrayed a few weeks ago for Anthony Davis. So they're in a world to hurt. There's twenty two games left as you said their own to on this road trip. They just got beat by grizzlies team that's fourteen games under five hundred the pelicans who's smoked him this weekend with no Anthony Davis are eight games under five hundred. So I mean, the reality is is that the Lakers kings Spurs and clippers are battling for two playoff playoffs. Dots. And I gotta think that that the Lakers. I mean, they got some nice things Ingram thirty two last night. Twenty two for coups. Ma they're playing without Lonzo. You know? I mean, it's just it's unbelievable. I'm eager to see them Wednesday night because their their their attitude is so toxic. They're feeling for one another. So trashed that. It's actually amazing to watch. I mean, they are they have the worst chemistry right now. And I I don't know if Luke will take the fall for it or not I hope he does because he's a guy. Right. But why don't they I there? There's some debate over that. But to me, I think the Lakers are about to implode in a huge way. Because right now, all the indications young players can't stand. Lebron? You know, the fact that he ruined their chemistry and doesn't really think much of them. He's not really playing all that hard right now on the defensive end, and he's pointing fingers on the floor. And there's like if you watch the games there's like multiple highlights last night from last night's game where they have a toxic chemistry. Well, it'd be a good a good deal. Somebody to to crunch videotape regular season games. Go the last two three years when he was in Cleveland and see if it did he played like this. You know on the defensive end. I mean, he's never played like I never now in the highlight show start picking your part. But he you know, you can do a lot of extra things as long as as long as you're winning. But now he's got the show on Friday with Jamie, FOX is coming on Anthony Davis had Antonio Brown on HBO. And he's in. In LA for other reasons, and we saw it the other night. He missed the game with the warriors for load management and Brian benefit semi pop on the Mike. You're he was on Twitter. I saw he was in a recording studio with two chains drinking wine and then as the night before that that's the night before. And then the next day he needs to take a day off for load management. So I mean, he is looking towards his life after basketball and his mogul status and his cue rating in his brand building and all this stuff. But what's what what's going on is? He's torching a really fun young team. And he's like this island unto himself where he's he's literally pointing them out and blaming them and pointing fingers as he's playing matador defer. He's too great. What he's done in the past. I mean, it's too great to say, oh, not gonna make the playoffs or ho this. Laker thing isn't gonna work, but all that stuff. He's banking on and being a big mogul. He's got Space Jam to coming out his companies producing it know, I don't know. But my guests on all these guys is once you take the uniform off, you know, what I mean? I mean Kobe ended on top sixty point hasn't hurt. Magic johnson. Bottom line. He's done pretty well. But I'm saying they went out claim they were Lakers. You know in Hollywood. They were the franchise. If LeBron wants to continue to you know to be on top of these other endeavors. He's got what is the blaze pizza and all this stuff? They don't make the playoffs. Little by little people started saying, jeez. This guy isn't who he thought he would be caught laying down on defense and the they're not gonna make the playoffs. I mean, if you look at this group with a three and a half back. Well, I mean, it's not that. It's just a it's there within arm's distance, but they're going the wrong direction. They're losing the teams they should be. And then I don't know if you saw caught any of the highlights of T wolves Sacramento last night, Minnesota beat Sacramento Karl Anthony towns is back from the concussion. He had thirty four and twenty one he had an eighteen point second quarter. So the teams are getting a dialed up with Derrick rose and Karl Anthony towns, and then you've got Sacramento Sacramento is thirty one and twenty nine there in the nine seed right now. So if the season ended today the kings are out, but the kings are also two and a half games out of you know, being in the six. Seed, and they could if they got real hot. I mean, they're, you know, a stone's throw away from being, you know, being out of I don't know if they'll get to the four seed Sacramento could finish as the five to six to seven or the eight. So I I think you know, and by the way weird last night. Dave Yeager sits buddy healed four Corey brewer. Who's like, you know, a veteran who's been everywhere in the fourth quarter. He's sitting buddy healed. So there's obviously some bad. Well, you saw him kind of getting buddy Heald's face the other day, obviously, buddies they buddies never met a shoddy didn't like right. So Buddy's, a gunner and Yeager is just trying to you know, it's a shot selection thing, I'm sure, and you know, you got a lot of a lot of town on the floor got deer and FOX M B three who was awesome last night. He started and had twenty five hundred eleven for Sacramento. So. You know? I mean, I'm just saying Sacramento's playing. Well, they got a good young core. They feel good about the added Harrison Barnes. They seem like they're going to be competitive. The rest of the way there in front of you. So the T wolves sewer the clippers who are trying to fall back Spurs, Spurs kings and T wolves wind up getting six seven eight I think, and I think Lakers and clippers will won't be on the outside looking in my one thing though on LeBron is if you're thirty four you're you know, you. You can't carry a team like you used to carry them. Apparently, you've got a just your personality to the moment. And if you have young players who look up to you. You can't run him down. You can't nobody's gonna want to run through a wall. They're all pros young young. But if you're in a certain position, and the people you work with you. You're the. People wanna see you fail. Now, they want LeBron to fail the the average sports fan. All right. We're tired of this guy being on top. And he's got to kind of adjust his. Maybe he thinks. Well, I'm telling like it is I'm not afraid I give interviews after. He just got to say fellas we're going through a tough stretch. And we're going to keep we keep working together. We started singling people out God, it's a bad look bad. You know, he's lost those young players because they know they look at him. And they know that he wanted them out. And that you know, he was bitching about Anthony Davis, Anthony Davis. He was the reason that the whole Anthony Davis things sprouted up before before the trade deadline. So I'm sure there's resentment there, and it shows the for LA is terrible chemistry right now. There's some five hundred and you know, a team lost now for the last five so his eighth straight trips to the finals very much very much, and he's smart enough and risking that. That's gonna Allen to the noth- to turn it around. I mean, maybe may at least go out on your feet instead of being knocked out and just drag into the finish. So we'll say well here we got sand from O'Brien some sound from Google play in the next segment, the Larry if you're a movie producer or one of the big hunt show in LA, you think that carries some weight LeBron comes here in bombs, basically, I think there's future could also slowed down a little bit. Everybody wants to associate. With a winner. And I just you know, as smart as he is all the things he's established. Yes. I don't. I don't. Jordan. Yeah. No, no, no. 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