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And they had tremendous amount of fear and shame and difficulty coming forward and yet they did but they also have a tremendous amount of anger against the church which they suspected and now we know what's in a position to prevent what happened to them and didn't do so and and they are determined to press the church on this because this happens in dynasty everywhere in the world how did you come to have these others how did did pollen why are we arranged to have them sent to you he wasn't prison and he was a main defendant in our case and yet the dice and the dioceses insurer tried to prevent us from speaking to him so we we've litigated that issue and one industry court and the court of appeal and just as we were going to be able to talk to him he died but in the meantime he received notice of the judgments by the court of appeal allowing us to talk to him and he took the initiative to communicate these letters to his car surra lawyers and so she contacted us told us that her client had relieved her of her ud professional secrecy and had mandated her to provide us with these letters and when we saw them we thought well we should get him to swear to these and because the his lawyer peter had told us that she he was in very poor health and so he swore and nine days before he died what can you do with women you know that the church is likely to challenge the validity of the letters as evidence and they were letters written by criminal convicted man who is not there to answer the question so what can you actually accomplish with these letters the circumstances normally this letter would be hearsay in a court of law but they do provide the guarantees of veracity to inform the court as to what he would have testified to so we're quite confident we'll have them admitted evidence as testimony we will be following this case mr johnston i appreciate speaking with you think you thank you.

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