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You there? What's your grade for Antonio Brown? We've lost it ever sack. Just go to I'll give him a three cousin. Two catches in the second. Just a very average performing for a beat. But. It's just a face with where I think. In this game plan was football. Like we mentioned at the top of the program time of possession. Because we look at the first game time of possession was absolutely flipped. The Steelers were two of twelve on third down in this game. But in this game, I think they probably couldn't. So the wide receivers anti ins were big in that and they were able to really do. Forgive him. It could have been a better a better game. I think it was to gain that they needed for for them to win absolutely in the thing about Antonio Brown. And I was great him at maybe a three to five, but he did he can only do so much in Rothlisberger. Missed some throws to them. But he did get in the end zone. I feel like antennae around. I hope I should say I hope that intend. You Brown is getting to the stage of his career where individuals statistics aren't that important? The team is winning and they're spreading the ball around. And although Antonio Brown isn't the focal point although in Tokyo Brown, isn't that guy that is on the Madden cover that everyone expected in terms of having these ridiculous fantasy stats. That's okay. Because Antonio Brown with five or sections of forty two yards in a touchdown is good enough for the Steelers to win. Now. Could he have had better stats on the Asli? But at the same time Antonio Brown getting into the end zone number one should make him very happy. I wanna say he has nine receiving touchdowns already this season. And they haven't even gotten to week ten yet. So. So he should be happy with that. And the Steelers are spreading the love around. Vance.

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