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In a new Linux. The Exxon on Wes layer away has gas for three 99 a gallon. 6 38 traffic and weather together on the 8 sponsored by advent here's Neil fiorito. A lot of slick conditions as you make your way to the south this morning in the southwest suburbs, the south suburbs of south side of the city, and then of course south as you make your way to northwest Indiana and even heading out toward Michigan. We have a ton of crashes in northwest Indiana and closures as well unfortunately. 65 north bonds stop traffic past state road two to two 31 that's a rollover semi all the lanes are down, all the lanes are blocked further north on 65 past 1894 with a crash as well. Southbound stop and go from 1894 to 61st, that crash has been cleared away thankfully, the lanes are back open, but all lanes are blocked further south with a crash at a 190, so Broadway or U.S. 41 definitely the way to go very slick conditions along 80 94 and some delays in both directions as you make your way through Hammond on the old oy side, nothing made sure to report unless you're in the southern suburbs again and on the south side of the city, getting word of tons of crashes because of peace of ice across the roadway. So the bottom line is this morning, give yourself a lot of extra time, especially if you are to the south make sure you have plenty of washer fluid as well. Our travel times are really building on the Illinois expressways, but no lane blockage at all. Next traffic report 6 48 news radio one O 5 9. The WB Mackie with her forecast, some slick spots this morning, some flurries and some snow showers around and they'll be

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