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A new Honda see your local Honda dealer today. It's 5 40. Now in theaters, a new horror movie fear that centers around a group of friends who go off on a weekend vacation. Let's promise to be completely honest with one another. We tell each other our most personal fears. Yeah, you can see where that is going. Oh yes, we heard more from cuya P of nerds rule the world, which previews the latest in film TV and streaming. Hey John, hey Michelle, in theaters now we have fear written directed by Deon Taylor. You know him from supremacy traffic, black and blue. And most recently, the house next door meet the blacks too, which was a little bit horror, a little bit comedy, but now we're going full scale horror. He has a brand new film that was created during the pandemic and actually capitalized on the pandemic because the story incorporates the pandemic in our fears that we had while we were living in this reality. We have a bunch of characters that go off to this hotel and they find out it's haunted. So not only are they facing with a real-life pandemic that they try to get away from, but now their fears are coming to life. It's a crazy wild film. I had the chance to check this out early and watch it with a bunch of friends. It led to a bunch of conversations about us talking about our fears facing our fears, but let me not talk about it anymore. Let me throw it to Deion Taylor who will tell you about why you should check out this film as well. At the core of this, instead of you leaving the theater, damn, that was a scary and, you know, I don't want to look under the bed. Like, you gonna have all those energies anyway, but you're gonna actually lead a theater this time, be like, yo, the message in that film is so vibrant and real to everyday life. And the reality is this, man, faith's over fear. So, John, Michelle, if you're on the fence, check it out. For me, not the greatest horror film I've seen, but it lets great conversation with those friends and family. We talked about our fears. And this pandemic, you know, I think all of us have been going through it. This will spark that and then maybe you'll see something new with them and why not. To me, that's amazing. Could you pee of nerds rule the world on Skype? I just saw the trailer, but it does look really scary. Oh, boy. Yeah. I do want to see it though. I'm interested. All right, report back. I think I'm going to skip it so I am not afraid of the things under the bed. Okay, coming up on WTO, Russia could be back at the Olympics. We'll tell you more. It's 5 43. This is an important notice to consumers facing $10,000 or more in credit card debt medical bills or other unsecured debt. You may not be required to pay it all back. Because there are special programs now in effect that will significantly

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