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They were doing nothing but that little feature they popped up so good there you go. Yeah because Those lands fouts are actually waterspouts overland. Right there the tornadoes technically they go into the database tornadoes if they can cause damage which we saw some some roof damage. There's really more wind damage than Lance about damage But they're different than tornadoes than that they. It's kind of a circulation that starts at the ground and extends up into the storm as this develops whereas a classic Tornado would have come from rotating thunderstorm and extended down to the ground and much much stronger so they are a tornado. Technically but We'll stick with the term land about Okay Tornado. Light as the case may be. How does how does Memorial Day? Weekend Book If you're trying to get to a service or something Monday boarding. I'm not sure what is going to be allowed by the Danes but Maybe you're just GONNA go pay respects to the cemetery or something Jacket weather and perhaps an umbrella to a depending on when you go tomorrow is GonNa be your outdoor day. We'll hit about eighty with sunshine. Rolling in late will be thunderstorms Sunday and Monday. On and off chances for rain especially late Sunday quite a bit of water will fall for some folks. And it's going to be chilly highs only in the sixties for both days and Anybody that lives in the foothills. Maybe you're west of Greeley or something in the foothills. Watch out for those temperatures Sunday night and Monday morning. He man to protect your plan. Any may see some snowflakes of all things. Oh my goodness got love. Colorado weather rights do the latest hold. Got Let's hope that's the case last surge all right meteorologist channel to pinpoint weather meteorologists Matt. Maki- thanks so much for putting up with my Wonky nerdiness appreciate it. You Bet you have a great weekend. You as well eight fifty-seven now thirteen ten. Kfi K. TO UNC bears target game coverage on thirteen ten K. F. K. Memory of the courageous servicemen and women. We salute and remember your courage. A your honor and uncommon valor as you made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of this great nation. This Memorial Day. Thank you. Don't forget Noko now at four and Cape K. Classic at sick while the whole sports story in northern Colorado the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K..

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