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Police officers were shot and the Brooklyn the shooting happened late Wednesday protesters in Washington west I chatted hands up don't shoot prosecutors charged three more police officers Wednesday the death of George Floyd filed new tougher charge against the officer at the center of the case Senate Republicans have been pressing former deputy Attorney General rod Rosenstein in its oversight of the Russia investigation in the first of the series of oversight hearings that coincide with accelerated election your efforts to scrutinize the FBI pro Senate Republicans are pressing Rosenstein on his oversight of the Russia investigation it's the first in a series of hearings into operation crossfire hurricane Republicans are pointing to newly declassified information to allege that the president and his associates were unfairly pursued through the apparent use of fraudulently obtained a FISA warrants they've drawn vindication from the justice department's decision to drop its case against former national security adviser Michael Flynn but thank you reporting doctors kept a close eye on president trump's use of a malaria drugs according to the White House doctor president Donald Trump was monitored closely while he took a two week course of a malaria drug in a bid to prevent the corona virus writing the president's latest physical Dr Shawn Conley says trump underwent at least one electrocardiogram as he took a two week course of hydroxy Clark when after two White House staffers tested positive for coalbed nineteen trump frequently championed the unproven hydroxy Cork when during the pandemic the president was evaluated twice for the physical first to November twenty nineteen and then in April overall calmly said the president remains healthy Mike Crossey up Washington more these stories at town hall dot com with all this going on right now the last thing you want.

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