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When we would reach that point But we can have a mask mandate every flu season certainly reduce the number of flu cases So it's all about tradeoffs Like mass mandates work masks work at preventing transmission but also there's a concern about being heavy handed with these with these measures and mandates and trying to find that right balance Then at nearfall with us on northwest news radio reported for The Washington Post and you can find this report and all of his work online at Washington Post dot com Thank you That's Taylor van seiss Well there has been some worry about a sub variant of omicron and what it might mean for the future fight against coronavirus but researchers say for now it will not become a variant of concern We have ABC's Alex stone with the latest Omicron has split into several sub variants which is not surprising That's what viruses do The delta variant split into sub lineages but we continued to call them all Delta One of the omicron sub variants that got noticed a few weeks ago as one called BA two which appears to be slightly more transmissible than original omicron but not more deadly if it became different and bad enough It would get its own Greek alphabet name but now the World Health Organization says BA two appears similar enough to original omicron that it should remain known as omicron And like stone EBC news It is a 6 20 And that means it's time for our money report Here's Jim chesko As tensions in Ukraine intensify the nation declaring a state of emergency as Russia deployed more soldiers U.S. stocks tumbled once again the major index is all dropping at least 1.4% The Dow Jones Industrial slid 464 points the S&P 500 lost 79 and the check having NASDAQ composite plunged 344 or 2.6% The majority of stocks did lose ground today but shares of overstock dot com.

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