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Two five fifty two fifty four his way to join us once again that toll tollfree number is one triple eight eight two five fifty two fifty four i'm sure you have at least a few questions that something digital we can lend a hand to and before we go back to all of your great phone calls this weekend's the more interesting items that rest by screen that i need to pass along to keep you up to date in this old tech race first of which are talking about how technology is meetings science fiction and stuff that we only use to see in the movies well it's now coming to pass the are now we have smart cameras and they're going to be bundled with the police body cameras and so when we have the smart cameras that can learn of phased in then scan hundreds of phase spaces around it we now have a real time facial recognition built in a police cams to catch criminals and they say in find missing people of motorola's actually behind it a partnered with artificial intelligence company norola to develop these smart cameras the aai driven cameras could soon help police find targets they say in suspicious or chaotic environments the cameras will actually use artificial intelligence to automatically scan hundreds of faces in a crowd notifying a third as when they come across unknown target and then the technologies capable of machine learning meaning the more faces that it encounters if faster khamzat detection and of course as this story was being discussed online everybody was like wow george orwell he was a pretty clever guy all right on facebook this past week they're always trained to fight well what fake news right an egg videos may say we have got it under control well maybe not necessarily in case you saw this video you should know it was a fake a facebook page called news feed looks legitimate they took a heavy manipulated weather jeff and they turn it into a video in and they added standard thundering storms looping sounds and they streamed it live for four hours and guess what people went absolutely crazy for at what one point more than ninety thousand people were sitting on facebook watching this video at the same time it got fourteen million views threeengine sixty thousand shares two hundred and fifty six thousand comments nine hundred thousand reactions a the.

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