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De show so like us now in the newsroom is vic vaughn okay but good morning sir good a gnome appears i hope not that should not be coming out of your nose should not be coming out of you know if you're sneezing seven times in a row i had a friend a friend who regularly would sneeze more way more than seven times in a row sixteen times was there was a girl in my math class i remember laura i can't remember last that she would sneeze we would all stop even the teacher and we would count no my friend guy patrick used to be like i mean he would sneeze and we would laugh harder with every sneeze like it would just get so ridiculous i remember we were in the aforementioned yesterday we were talking about you know where you know dan and his buddies used to hang out at a baker's square my friends and i used to hang out at this euro place called dimitrios which was on the corner of montross in central where there's a walgreens now and i remember we were in there one night and hanging out and he started this series of sneezes that just went on and on and on and we were laughing liquids every one of them i felt terrible for me because i don't want to sneeze twenty times in a row it's not very pleasant it feels so good though they get to sneeze out if it's good you know but anyway so he just can't and we just kept laughing i can't i don't know if we counted it but it was way up there we lost count because it was so funny it just got so funny we just he's in agony he wants to stop and it's like and he kept finally when that finished when that series finished because he was a multiple sneezing and finally when that series finished we were like okay that was the funniest thing of all time and he was like look i'm not i don't wanna sneeze that many times in a row and i promise you i try to get it all out with every sneeze i i really you know so yeah all right well vixen the newsroom everybody covering the sneezing news and telling us facts about what happens to you after seven sneezes are you a multiple sneeze or very rarely.

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