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Continue to probably say something different. Every time I want to mention I love that. His name is shortened. Oh La I want everyone for the steelers nation that just know exactly what you're talking about. Anytime you say the name Ola Woah Oh yeah a him number ninety two made it fifty three man roster last year but was instantly put on I r from where it was hurting. The Pre and the fourth preseason game came came back later in the season dressed for one game got nine snaps on defense and that was pretty much a season but he's really showing some Flash Ashley this year a lot of people like James Hairston. It's it's uncanny how much stature wise and build lives and technique wise they save it the the two of those those players look similar so to see him in a number ninety two a lot of times especially last season. A lot of people like wait a second my really cygnus yeah. That wasn't James Harrison. That was OLA so here we go lots of people like in the number seven so I'll we'll check back in one last time into the live chat but before we call it a show but I wanted to tease something or promote something. I don't know which we've kind of done the teas we're GONNA promote. We're doing another giveaway through behind the curtain that we like to talk about them and debut them on the podcasts. We did a giveaway for the draft party. That was the Saturday of the draft at Heinz field where we're someone one two tickets to that actually gave him to his parents. He was on the West Coast. I do believe and gave them to his pants and they went Santa some great pictures they had a great time also gave away where Isaac donated a Juju Smith Schuster Jersey not that we were then able to to to give away and give away that we did there. This is a giveaway that we're going to announce exactly what we're doing for it. Thursday night on the steelers preview that'll be sometime <hes> whenever Jeff Brian or Tie Jeff Hartmann Brian Anthony Davis and myself can I'll get are scheduled to her already to go and we can get that started on Thursday night. We're going to announce exactly what we're doing for the giveaway away but we know what we're giving away actually have it here with me so we're giving away a signed. David Decastro football. It's got the little hoops have to just fell for those of you on Youtube. You could actually actually see it. It's got a little certificate of authenticity with it but it is a panel football all signed by two time steelers all pro David Decastro so one lucky person through behind steel so curtain will be winning that football <hes> this is something that's going to take take a little bit of time but it's not it's not going to take a lot of your time to be involved. You'll you'll find out if you tune in Thursday night. You'll find.

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