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Behind it on it's actually one of the first supplements that i discovered which really piqued my interest in fitness and intrusion but more than being just an athletic performance boosting supplement creating is actually essential for healthy brain function in fact create teen is found naturally in our bodies we synthesize it and we also consume it as i mentioned in red meat there's a mental condition associated with an inability of creating to pass the blood brain barrier and in research performed on vegans and vegetarians and omnivores vegans and vegetarians when given supplemental creating their cognitive performance improved so what this shows me is that getting creating in our food is incredibly important for optimal brain function and it's one of the reasons why i make the recommendation that people should be eating grass fed beef as a brain food you know just to talk a little bit about plant based diets when people make the switch to a plant based diet they tend to supplement with the one nutrient that they know that they're not getting implant foods and that is vitamin b twelve because that's that's an essential nutrient that we need you're going to develop a deficiency disease if you don't consume vitamin b twelve and usually that's that as far as you know picking up the slack for a vegetarian diet is concerned but actually there's a whole range of nutrients that i talk about in the book called conditionally essential nutrients and these are nutrients some of which we've identified many of which i'm sure we haven't that you might not develop a deficiency disease by not eating them i e you know like if you don't vitamin c you're going to develop scurvy if you don't need if you don't get vitamin d you're going to develop rickets you might not develop an overt condition by avoiding these nutrients but you're probably gonna feel better and perform better when you have them in your diet so that's why i'm extremely skeptical of anybody who cuts out an entire food group like meat or fish for example from their diets especially when those food groups have likely.

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