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Here though the focus is more on containing imported cases so right now there's a lot of people including a lot of people in the art world both Chinese nationals and foreigners who were based in China. Who were abroad for Chinese New Year and the just stayed abroad so people are coming back in droves like all of the existing flights are just packed with people now So each city has different rules in terms of quarantine China has banned anyone despite some reports. Everyone is allowed to come back but they will be forced to quarantine either at home or in a facility or in a hotel depending on their exposure and which country come to so in Shanghai there is sixteen countries currently that are considered hot spots including the US and anyone coming from there has to be subject to an extra strict quarantine. A friend of mine who works at a museum is in the line for that right now waiting to get tested and she keeps joking about how the all the Shanghainese are complaining that the foreigners are getting the exact same treatment as the local Shanghainese because everyone is being subject to the same rules since of course the virus doesn't care where you come from indeed. It doesn't am Lisa. Thank you so much for joining us and stay. Well yes thank you you too. And that's it for this week you can subscribe to the newspaper at the newspaper. Dot Com. Click on the subscribing at the top left of the homepage. And if you haven't already subscribe to this podcast please do so. And His rating or review. If you've enjoyed it the art newspaper podcast is produced by Judy housekeeper. Amy We do awesome and David. Clack and David is also the editor. Thanks to Anna Bendel Anti Lisa and thank you for listening Busey next week. Newspaper put dissociation with Bonhams near since seventeen. Ninety three to find out more visit booms..

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