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Unforeseen leasing fourteen more schools clean their automatic bids to the ncaa tournament with wins in their conference championship games arizona among those getting those goods and the big dance wild has led by a dominating performance from de'andre eight defeated u e in the pac 12 final seventy five sixty one eight thirty two points and eighteen rebounds virginia claimed the acc brown with a seventy one six two victory over north carolina in the big 12 title game he ends his tab west virginia 81 seventy and villanova when the biggest championship over providence in a tweet 76 66 espn krakatau does joe minardi projects virginia villanova kansas in savior to be the number one seed when the ncaa tournaments field is released date his two seeds north carolina duke todo in either cincinnati or tennessee their cats involved play in their respective province titled games today lunardi last four in texas oklahoma st mary's in arizona state first four out louisville notre dame baylor in oklahoma state tiger woods enters the final round of the valle far championship tied for second one back a leader corey qatar's one reason woods contending or his first pga tour win in five years short game explains espn golf writer michael collins discriminated fantastic the last two days friday and saturday he was nine of eleven getting up and down from around the greens and three out of four out of bunkers which means ties will do his similar not the same but similar to the old tiger woods when it comes to that short game and making those putts that matter nba thunder doctors ver's 104 94 san antonio just one in nine at last ten games versus teams five buttered or better coming up on goal can when you're monday will talk about all the things have happened in sports over the weekend i don't know what they are yet because they have happened undoing doing this on friday i'm not a mental as other people are gold you wouldn't go monday sixty three is being radio european too.

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