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Elizabeth healthcare, post. Game show, on Dave Armbruster. Reds fall to the cubs tonight seven the one, the, final score things started well, for the, reds offense. Tonight they got on the board and the very first inning Billy Hamilton led off the, game, with, a double, Jose Peraza moved him to third with the base hit the left field to outs later Philip, Irving got Hamilton home and Billy bluffing hard down the line from third and this one is to the right side diving second baseman Murphy airborne Ron is in And we'll keep a look down. At Joe madness if they want to challenge the throw was while Murphy was on the ground and it was high at it took Rizzo. Off the bag and. First base umpire Larry VANOVER rules at the runner got there before Rizzo was able to come back down. On the bag They're not going to challenge. It and the reds have a one to nothing lead on an MTO Basit by Philip urban Philip Ervin's having a pretty good year for. Cincinnati he was two. For four tonight he's now batting to ninety eight on the season the cubs took the lead off Anthony Sclafani in the bottom, of the first inning with one out havi by as reached, on a Jose Peraza throwing air that brought Anthony Rizzo to the plate. And. He hit a two. Run home or two. To one, Chicago Cubs editor lead into third. Inning when havi by as did. This our play of the game and it's not like you can pitch around by this, lineup not, with the guy that standard on deck. And.

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