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This is Andy. Welcome to the sprinkler podcast. So glad to have you guys along with us today now depending on when you're listening to this I am. I'm recording it. As one of the very first episodes to be released and as such I wanted to bring my good friends and industry you leaders onto the show. His name is art. Almers and art and I I met way back in two thousand three when I was working for a large large irrigation and landscape contractor in Maryland artworks as the District Sales Manager for Netafim which is a drip irrigation company out of Fresno California. And you have likely heard of Netafim. Netafim is sort of the Kleenex brand. If you will of drip every time you see Brown drip tubing most people refer to that as Netafim tubing even though of course rainbird and hunter and many other manufacturers make brown drip tubing Netafim was sort of the pioneer of drip irrigation and art is a longtime industry. Expert I use them as a resource all the time. And you know I actually worked together for a couple of years when I was positioned out on the Great Lakes for Netafim covering. I don't know maybe thirteen fifteen states back then Ben and Art and I've kept in touch ever since. He is an instructor for the Irrigation Association. And I believe he sits on the Education Board which means means he helps to write the training material the exams and.

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