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In Oakland's Chinatown, hundreds of people came out to a vigil Saturday in a show of solidarity. We'll go. Anything is with the New Breath Foundation, a group that supports formally incarcerated individuals. Bank called for unity across racial lines. To support that we're looking for. It's not about dividing our community. Organizer's called for Solutions that disrupt the root causes of violence like poverty, gentrification and lack of mental health resource is instead of more police for NPR news. I'm Julie Chang in San Francisco, and you're listening to NPR news. And this is W when I see in New York four minutes after six o'clock Good morning, I'm David. First cloudy skies today a steady temperature around 32 degrees. New York residents with underlying health conditions are now eligible for a covert vaccine. But Gothamist Sydney Pereira reports the flood the vaccine seekers has overwhelmed the state website. Within five hours of expanded eligibility in New York on Sunday, 876,000 people had used the state's screening tool around 350 appointments per minute. We're booked at state run sites. But the system left many waiting for hours looking for a vaccine time slot residents with underlying conditions like asthma and rheumatoid arthritis face messages about volume overload. And zero appointments were available for first doses that city Health department cites as of Sunday, making the squeeze for a vaccine even worse, a state Health Department spokesperson said the websites were functioning extremely well and urged people to keep trying as more appointments are added. Former Citigroup executive Ray Maguire is sharing his vision for how best to help the arts recover after the pandemic, he says If he is elected mayor, he would direct funds to small groups scattered throughout the city, not only to cultural organizations. Mr Branches in the library used the faith based community We need to invest in those communities centers. You use it. There was just recently at the boy's Club 112 Street. What an extraordinary program that changes these kid's lives. And yes, there's aren't there they can participate in that art is fundamental. McGuire says public private partnerships will be important to extend the reach of larger arts organizations. He's on the boards of several cultural institutions in the city, including the Whitney and the Studio Museum of Harlem. Full interview with McGuire will be broadcast tonight on the 92nd Street wise website. Chinese restaurant owners are rejoicing over the expansion of indoor dining in New York just in time for the Lunar New Year. State rules now allow restaurants to serve at 25% capacity and stay open until 11 at night. Do family owns four Chinese restaurants in the area, including Aunt Uncle Ted's in the West Village. He says the pandemic has not only affected the bottom line, it has also prevented him from seeing old friends and customers at the restaurant. Money, customer support of earth for many years. We know each other very well. This is a very good opportunity to annoy us to re union. Yeah, that's the reason why I'm happy. Lunar New Year is officially celebrated for 16 days through February. 26 32 degrees now and that's pretty much where we're going to stay through the day today and tonight as well. Some freezing rain this morning than cloudy. Today and tonight I'm or freezing rain expected overnight a winter weather advisory in effect until Seven o'clock tomorrow morning. Support for NPR comes from B L P I with a look at Walter Winchell, who pioneered celebrity driven politically charged journalism. American Masters. Walter Winchell the power of gossip Tonight at 98, Central on PBS. On the next Brian Lehrer show, a history of private prisons in the United States and what it means that President Biden wants to ban them. Also for President's Day will have historian Alexis, Co.

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