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I'm Ed Baxter ultra luxury carmaker rolls. Royce is predicting record sales in China for this year. It's confident you can navigate the world's biggest auto markets were slowed down in a generation. Bloomberg's Emma O'Brien spoke with rolls. Royce, CEO Torsten Muller Avas, the average age of I Roy's has changed significantly over the last eight years. It was in the beginning around fifty six as an average agent is now down to forty three. And I mean very much on the back off successfully introduced who pays like race phosphate Coupet doing our lovely seductive, beautiful convertible, and of course, not to forgot. Breakfast that more DACA menacing line of Rolls, Royce. And that has brought a lot of change. And also, you need to understand that particular individuals are globally, getting younger and younger and younger, and they change also quite massively we see. In the meantime, very much south drivers only twenty percent of our clients worldwide are so this is a dramatic change from what has happened maybe ten years fifteen years ago. And I think we went with the flow, and we live in a very successful way. Are you looking to alter any of your the spoke offerings in China or elsewhere to satisfy those demands we do that constantly because at the end of the day, you mentioned nation as our clients our limit, and that is not a marketing smoke growing story. It is to and we invested significant headcount money engineering in for that whole, peaceful division, and our business, and I would even say that without be stove rose. I wouldn't exist anymore. So whatever comes here. Also in China. We make. Happen. There's been a lot of attention on the slowdown in car sales here in China once in a generation contraction in sales here, the luxury market has held up. What's your outlook? Do you see that continuing? And why first of all sounds surprising though? But we are not really part of the car market. We're talking about high end luxury goods, technically, it's a car that's too. But all our clients. Don't need a Rolls Royce to come from a to b it is fulfilling that reads, it is the commissioning their piece of art..

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