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Trafton executive order eliminating birthrates tech. I think the presents clear all of that is on the table, including to close down the border have to stop this flow into our communities. We have to stop the drugs we have to stop the smuggling and trafficking and games. He's very serious about it. I think everything is on the table. In the meantime, I remain optimistic in the sense that I refuse to believe that the United States Congress will not act. I just it's not a person issued. No, it's not. And of course, I agree. And we spent countless hours on making that exact point. But here you have a president who ran on the promise of really was this this central promise of his campaign to secure the border and things seem less under control now than they did then. And so when you ask about the answers will congress won't act when everyone knows they're never gonna act and therein lies the rub. This is why President Trump will one of the reasons this is what he ran on this one of the reasons he got elected, but the border is a bigger message spin since the nineteen twenties early twenties when we actually halted all immigration at twenty three and nineteen twenty four Kirsten Neilsen speaking on Tucker Carlson last night, she was at the border today assessing things she says nothing is off the table. But people are wondering. Thing when it's something really going to happen because we are on par to have a million people apprehended at our border this year there were one hundred thousand in the month of March. This is the numbers are staggering. Jeff crew air is the host of ringside politics radio and TV shows. He speaks about this all the time on his show. And we're so glad to have him in for his expertise and some analyzing this. Jeff, welcome back to America trends, great to be that has everything. Well, it's fine except I'm in a border town. So it's a little bit of a crunch right now. Well, I'm glad you brought that up this you up his it still ordinance. I mean, it is the number one issue in the country today, and we do have a crisis. It is attic control, the president run on it. And there's many more things that can be done. So I'm frustrated as well. Here's what I'd like to see the military needs to be sent to the border. We need to close of order. We need to start building the wall every place we can build the wall, we need in this catch and release policy change the asylum rules expand either fi, and that's just to get started. But that would help it is just to get started. What do you think of some of Kirsten Nielsen's comments? I think it's ludicrous to think congress is gonna do anything. I mean, congress is going to do nothing. We know that. I mean, we've been we've been watching congress do nothing for decades, really converse does do is expand amnesty. I mean, that's what they did. During the eighty six of Bill, and we've been paying for it ever since we've been just trying to stop congress from making things worse. They don't really do anything to make things better. So that's the situation we need the president to act on his own. Jeff is the former deputy chairman of the Louisiana Republican party and since nineteen ninety nine host of ringside politics in New Orleans, and you're the author of America's last trance we spoke to a while back. But I think these numbers have just become even more staggering since then. And now word that a new caravan may be two of some twenty thousand are on their way up. It's great that President Trump stopped some of the funds that we give to what Honduras Guatemala, El Salvador, because we're really paying for the people when they come here. Should he be doing more should people be upset with him for not somehow taking a stronger executive action? I'm not sure quite what he could do. But this this is more than emergency Kirsten Nielsen ourselves said they're treating it like cat five hurricane crisis. And it looks that way. When you see the people that are just swelling in behind the fences. Well, if it's a cat five prices need to treat it like one. And then you do everything disposal, and that includes the military that includes closing the border. I don't really care about walkability. I'm okay with not having avocados. I prefer him. I country much preferred to have thought order and buy American citizens of getting jobs as opposed to legal. So and I don't want our people to be exposed to all the health problems that are coming from across the border. So it's yeah, I'm a big supporter of the president's that I think more can be done. I think he's listening to some people in congress and business and.

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