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Tim hortons now we don't have those here because we're not canada the only time the only time i ever see ads for tim hortons has relatives when i'm watching the nhl and it's in a canadian city that's in the stadiums you know what i mean you know how they have the on the boards the only time i ever see i know they have some tim hortons here in america but they're very very popular in canada they say the greek yogurt parfait is the way to go up for a greek yogurt parfait two hundred and fifty calories or oatmeal with berries at two hundred and ten calories for breakfast sandwich go for the english muffin with egg whites steak and cheese at two hundred seventy calories but lots of grams of fat for lunch opt out on low fat soup like hearty vegetable and they have lean paninis on their menu too there you go lean panini you were talking about how much you enjoy paninis but you would rather have them lean because you were saying that they were if their stuff if like paninis or stuff that's ridiculous so how about wendy's i know you enjoy wendy's wendy's has a plethora i got the chili that's exactly what they said here ballads exactly what they said they said the rich in meat chili a large offers two hundred and fifty calories in just seven grams of fat includes five grams of fiber and twenty three grams of protein needed potato fix get a baked potato with sour cream and chives at three hundred and ten calories whereas a medium fries contained four hundred twenty calories instead of getting the three three quarter pound triple with cheese at eleven hundred calories and seventy two grams of fat a junior cheeseburger has two hundred and eighty calories or you can get the grilled chicken wrap at two hundred seventy calories.

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