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On this red line statement now there was a direct association between a series of chemical weapons and military response by the united states issues a stern warning to syria stated that these threat of chemical biological warfare in syria is what he called a red line mentioned the possibility of military action for the first time and riff becomes doctrine so that was the summer of two thousand twelve then august twenty first two thousand thirteen so i was sitting on a plane with my wife waiting to take off for the first vacation that we'd had in years and literally it's taxing the tarmac and i started to get all these reports some simply horrific images are coming out of syria what you're going to look at is the immediate aftermath of an alleged chemical attack by the syrian government activists are calling the chemical masoka say falsified rockets with toxic agents the grisly images posted to youtube wednesday showed men women children either dying or already showing the bodies of lifeless children of doctors trying to desperately resuscitate others hundred reportedly were killed these reports from people who i knew knew what they're talking about if these reports are true it has serious indications for the united states the obama administration has said the use of chemical weapons would cross a red line so what happens now you could immediately tell this much bigger event than anything we'd seen the national security council calls meeting and so i had the strange experience of leaving my family driving out to this fbi field office parking in parking lot to really annoyed looking guys let me 'cause they're working on weekend and ben patches in on a secure video link in what really impressed me in that meeting is marty dempsey the chairman joint she's staff said look i have told you before that you shouldn't intervene because up until now ben says dempsey thought intervening in syria would lead the us down a slippery slope with no clear end in sight but this event is big enough that i think we have to do something just to register just to do something to do something as they went around the room most people agreed it was time to take action and ben says it seemed like obama was leaning toward it too but there was a problem obama got very focused on the fact that there was a u n team on the ground in syria was going to go to collect samples for investigation in abomination can we get them out of there and he really was pressing on this we gotta do everything we can to get that team out so his body language he didn't say i'm ordering strike he did say i'm ordering you to prepare the set of options to position military assets there and so the the feeling in the room you were by video conference of these was entirely like we're going to do this what were you thinking i was incredibly energize and as offals e vent was i was thinking well we're now finally going to do something about this and i'm pacing back and forth in this parking lot in oregon you know mapping out essentially the plan to rule out the war and i think it's important to say to people like getting energized about like an airstrike is no all your but the point is like for me at least it was like finally somebody's going to let this guy no he can't kill people anymore yes as awful as it is to be energized by the prospect of of war it felt like this is it this the moments let's do this as well as we can.

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