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I thought it was a really nice touch so typical apple right. It's like you know something that they go the extra step they think about the someone's be thought about this deeply and thought you know it could be embarrassing for someone to have what they're listening to display prominently on the always on watch you know so they blanket and I just thought it was a really nice thoughtful touch. You know that clever so so kind kind of a roundabout way answers your question right you know you can see what's on the watch. Which is what apple blanking it out you know blowing out so the so the casual observers concert? I'M GONNA have to get a serious five Louis guilty. You really would love one but yeah for five hundred bucks man five hundred the smaller one. That's going to get get the get the forty millimeter. It's still I'm telling you it's a whole the new world it's still it's four hundred bucks for the forty bill and cash. It's the perfect size God well. We've got lots and lots of listeners that are working deep within apple telling you there in the mail room working in the cafeteria only the most elite apple employees. He's and I'm sure one of them would be happy to connect you with that. Sweet Sweet fifteen percent apple discount sweetened up fifteen now it's fifteen eighteen fifteen and then and then once a year they get a twenty five percent discounts on one item from each category so a computer Peter Afon Watch. I believe that's the way it works and we have some very generous listeners. I've done some serious hookup so I'd love to get a titanium one. Oh Yeah Okay I checked out at the store eight hundred bucks seven ninety nine. Maybe I'll get that ceramic to buy that and then I'll buy your old one. Okay go yeah. Titanium is really really really beautiful. Everybody lovely metal. It's has a really It's just it's almost mesmeric. I was sitting standing there the apple store just in a trance just looking at it like like the Lord of the Rings. You know I felt like Belbow uh-huh staring at the this could you stop petty nat putting the watch put it down that ceramic too. I just love that white out ceramic watch but it's about what twelve hundred dollars especially for a device that you're going to upgrade the next year. It's too much you know if they were not updating every year. I might be willing to do it if it was going to stay current for three years but you know eleven twelve eleven months for twelve bucks okay. Let's go ahead and wrap it up. The show went so fast I can. I can hardly believe we hardly talked about anything but that's all the goal cats. We have for you guys this week. If you want to reach out come say hi. We're all on twitter. We would love to hear hear from you. I'm at Air Fun. He R F winners elk loses that Lewis Walls of course you can always email me or hit me up on twitter. Tell me your favorite iphone case I want to hear from you. I really want to awesome. Get my hands on your favorite on your favorite cases. This has been the gas the best thirty plus been up conversation. You're here all week. Long episodes will come about every Thursday night. One pick for listening and we'll see you go next time. Why do I always say like rob? Leads leads the British accent. I sound like that guy from the rich and the famous they owned uh-huh Eh all right. I heard some drunken mumbling song in other words to it's like walking through a dark alley in the middle of the night some guys sleeping with his newspapers abors on top of.

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