Presidential Debate, Berlin, Charles Cia discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe


Assailed says everything you need to go onto your terminal and the flow is let's get across to south africa of the other news center good morning as northern ireland secretary james broken china's meeting party leaders in belfast today in a lastditch effort to restore the stormont government the country faces direct rule from west minsun base health and education ascend to be in crisis after civil servants have been running northern ireland for the last six months canadian authorities have a risk did the leader of the main opposition party accusing him of conspiring with the us to topple the government cno pedia kem sokha denies the allegations and says the charges are politically motivated the arrest shocking escalate tensions in cambodia amid concerns over whether next year's elections will be free or fair and us president trump said to be considering ending the protection for immigrants illegally taken to the us as children despite pressure from senior republicans on top business figures he says his press and political decision on the program that protects about a million young people from being deported is expected to mara cable news 24 hours a day powered by more than 2600 journalists and analysts more than one hundred twenty countries i'm santer kill half this is came back caroline thank you so much for that update salinger now we're going to be talking about germany this morning mannasseh done whether you caught any of the ninety minute clash between angela merkel antiriot paid a martyn shields but it seems as if shields failed to score a decisive breakthrough in that debate the charles cia stood firm on her record despite shields attacking have refugee policy on the deteriorating relations with turkey over the past year and of course angela merkel is going to be talking about diesel with a meeting later on this morning and let's go over now straight to a blue tiny church who can now talk about they said a little bit further m unjust unpack this ninetyminute tv debates i mean there were really very high hopes and for this given that they've been in a coalition government for so long government editor in berlin tony to cap that's true and i mean obviously you weren't expecting the kind of fireworks that you have show your us presidential debate but the point was that that martin schulz needed to sort of scores some points here and he maybe he did just in the.

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