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Welcome back to Doboy us. Our guest is we're talking about the place she used to work at Johnny rocket. You were going to get rid of your bloody rag. Yes, I saw you go into the kitchen. You open up the door to the trash, and then I saw you put the rag near eighty. You also asked me if I had a tampon cheeses. Do you need to go to the hospital. Are implying some sort of disgusting Dracula. Fucking grotesque. All right. So, oh man, starving like those little boxes at the house. You know what I'm talking about the the blood boxes. They kind of touched on that in interview with the vampire, like he's like, they're, they're, they're so hungry. They're sucking blood from rats at some point. Visit turn to a rap empire. I haven't seen the movie. Tom Cruise turns no rat vamp eaters. What I'm saying to the rats turn, they get life. Oh, no, they don't Because because it's it's like. like, I don't quite understand vampire lore all that well, but if you have an apple the right, suck their blood, it doesn't necessarily mean they become a vampire. Sometimes you're just eating somebody. I pray to God. They don't touch pizza rat in the movie. Tell me tell me they leave him alone. If you could be bit by a vampire, would you want to be? Here's a thing, not wanna live. Outside and then die. That'd be a baller move, get bit by Dracula and walk straight into the sun. But baby, you change your attitude about not wanting to live forever if you like had vampire life like my understanding of, and again, the Lord differs depending on who it is, but my understanding is that vampires like don't eat or they can't like eat or drink. And that's part of my life. I would want to not eat or drink. It wouldn't really change your your sleeping arrangements because you already do sleep in a coffin. Questioned? Yes. Do they? They don't touch pizza at the movie. Right. You're, you're gonna answer. You want to return to the pizza. You had some sort of something you were gonna say, oh yeah, I got a slam. Dunk. Wait alley, tossed me. We jammed this home Mitch pizza. Rat comes out unscathed. But some of the pepperoni pizza. I was gonna say, maybe there was garlic on his pizza. That's better. So that Johnny rockets right now has an you mentioned the Megan lira image. They have a make promotion. They're running, but no make specific menu items. That's right. Now, what a bait and switch. I know I love limited edition item or anything, and they just didn't. They do it at Johnny rockets. They had a skull island banana, shake my God when Kong was in theaters, right? We had it. We had with our buddy gene Cordeiro and but the. The now they, they don't. They have this make promotion then of any make a burger or anything. You know the promotion worked on because I did go and see the Meg. That was your motivation? I guess. So. I mean, like, I don't know why can't we? I think we decided on the batter, right? You looked at the menu and let me let me guess he's on his, and he said, that sounds good. Yesterday you said that you were going to text Mitch, that there was a Meg promotional burger? Yes, three times did that work? What happened was too smart for this, this ploy. You did a bad job with it? First of all. Burger off menu. I was like, okay, and I was like, but they're already is a thing on the menu where they say, make it a Meg. So already confusing because you ain't gonna make burger and they just double the Pat. It's just say, already have on them. It's it's a bad promotion. Yeah, it doesn't really do to right. They don't really do too much. Now. I tried to. I tried to pull a fast one on you and say, that was a secret menu. There's a secret make burger that you had order off menu and then you didn't fall for it. What do you know who did fall. Say, go ahead. Susser with with with Evan Susser. Susser Joe Saunders and Evans, Jamie? Yeah. So we want to get say, what would be your ideal? The Meg promotional menu item? That's a great question..

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