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To Dr Hynek for quite a few years just before he passed away and was a friend to heal in KC of course the sun A. Casey and she turned me on to the fact that the bigger case he was actually a channeler and any of the silent the contact the in fact he claims that he spoke to being the server from the of the system are tourists and that he had visited there in the dream stay in a dream state which was he said the only way you could travel through the the universe and get there are you know rapidly it wouldn't take a you know like yeah all my goodness how could you get there I think Zach Lee but there's usually some time did he did he did he did channel and that he thought that the beings there were were very highly as of of Bob and of course a he was of of probably one of the greatest the psychics of all time and a lot of his the predictions of the come true and some of them haven't in in fact in this book we get into a lot of what I call the the end times prophecies and some of us are the predictions that he made was that ours will be broken up in the western portion of America the great area of Japan will go into the sea the upper portion of Europe will be changed in the twinkling of an eye and there will be new land seen off the Caribbean it was very much of course into the rising of Atlantis another loss of confidence so I had to include him in the book when I was found out that he actually was a contact the and they channeler which is something that's kind of been ignored although I I.

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