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The coaching staff to their new middle linebacker that you guys think is starting right this is your new starting middle linebacker i think so i think if he doesn't end up you're starting linebacker then you really questioned the pick if you're saying used nineteen overall to draft a depth piece or a backup linebacker with what was available i think it to pick him you got to believe in this pick he's got to be on the field playing snaps for you about twenty years ago the cowboys drafted ebeneezer coupon as a backup defensive end bad idea of roger goodell with the titans pick the two thousand eighteen nfl draft the tennessee titans select shaun evans linebacker alabama they wanted linebacker all along totally makes sense for them they traded up to get him thinking they might not have a chance and lamar jackson on the clock with the patriots selecting at twenty three right now where should they take lamar jackson or herald landry rashawn evans player profile from one of our draft analyst dane burglar sean evans linebacker alabama evans did a little bit of everything for nick saban's three four defense dropping in even putting his hand on the ground you still developing in areas but the fast flowing in physical play style pops off the screen and he should continue to get better with added reps i did yes both both in the second round so not terribly different just like shaun evans look because he's a little bit more physical player that's a guy that despite the fact is fisher tell you the cowboys might have saw him at two hundred and thirty some odd pounds and asia to fifty and said one of us the middle linebacker one is not at alabama rashawn evans was a sam he was a strong side guy he was a middle.

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