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No that's a little John Wall this this'll eggs this little jar I've got the name of the song now he says that get paid lot like so she was doing overtime likes overtime because you get paid a lot but it doesn't sound like it's big money okay I'm just saying but it's usually time to half no I can't speak for how she is getting paid but clearly there was a lot so she comes home after doing the late shift she's saying she's tied get it that's a long shift to do doing whatever no matter what you do it for ten twelve hours just to get paid as a lot and then she hears a part I don't get so you're tired so tired where you go up to like the next parking garage like you forget how many floors you have to go and he's lived in this building for the past two months so you would think you're familiar about how many times do you have to go up this park rush and then you proceed to go through this complex I'm assuming like a lot of apartment complexes they have the numbers of the garage floor you're on the rooms each have numbers on them like everything is clearly laid out so you know where you are I don't so many things the part that I really think would've stopped this guy for will disallow stop it's covering any guilt was one his door being unlocked and it's it's I don't get it super unfortunate who does but I'm GonNa say this because he's like you don't know it could have been a simple mistake that literally cost you your life 'cause like we don't purposely do it but there's been times where like I left the keys in the door like search wise once or twice man there was a period of time we're doing like almost every day and like he'll literally he'll open the door and the keys in and he'll just shut the door like nothing happened and we're just and he's he'll be like where's my keys like I'm like Oh good you're just inviting people inside by the keys being there it's like I'm not putting what's on him it could have just been a simple mistake the guy was in his t shirt and boxer shorts right like he could've literally exit company could've just got home because we all do this yeah I'm coming back in from work or whatever and I'm like maybe you just finished showering or you just take everything just relaxes you live by yourself he like interesting interesting watching TV ladies the Bra comes off that's the first thing you whip it off as you walk through the door oh man like he was thinking this he's like shoo I'm super tired I've been working I've been doing whatever I was doing and you just you just simply forget to lock your door so I I can't afford the guy because we've all been in the situation but to know like that mistake that's so scary is really scary that's crazy it's weird to me I don't understand is like okay you think so to your house I get it that's scary you don't know what they have all that stuff I understand that part but you're sitting there and you could tell this person by like the tone of their voice by their posture you could tell that they're scared like you open the door and your media shuffling one or two things happening yeah you're probably being robbed and they're trying to like panic and position or Yo- you just what's it on someone yeah if anyone was to walk in the door while it was unlocked here I would have been panicked and ready fight like I'm just telling you like who's coming to my house like that well and similarly if I was the person walking in I feel like I don't know I'd probably either freeze because that's like what you do when you panic even though you're supposed to like react or I would think I would run away yeah well she she she knew she had a gun on while still think about it if you have a gun if you tried running away and if nobody's coming after you you know or like if nobody's screaming your Nolan's like doing anything then chances are that was not what you thought it was I don't know how like literally are let's see what the door is because I have to say probably literally right on the story you see the number of the to be like I don't understand the department here in yeah I don't understand that like man I don't believe that she's over here talking like she she wishes it was her life was taken I'm like that's a little sorry him I don't think no I think you're just saying that because it's a show them an order that I saw him because I thought it was interesting seeing the first clip I showed you of her like bowling out sobbing stuff literally I was like is the whole reasoning she wasn't insane than showing you the prosecutor like painting a picture and he really puts it in perspective 'cause like that's literally like what you would think played out man and like I just it's hard with women when it comes to them crying so I kind of feel like she's like she she's milking this like get a lesser charge and I don't have pity like you killed someone and it's like she literally said on the stand at when the prosecutor and they're like you know if you wanted to you could call in the cavalry like you you could have the police there in under two minutes like you had that power Yep and you didn't like Oh should use aim at the person and pick up her walkie talkie and you yeah I just had to talk about that because there's so many so many things played out in that day it's so sad because like that I guess it's a popular thing right now because it's a cop in it's a black guy so I get it while it's popular new story right now but that regardless of being who who it was that could have been anyone she could've walked in a place where it was like you know mom and dad the kids in on the couch or something in there and it's like what is happening like all you know we just broke in your house to watch cartoons like what's I don't know I don't know I just had talked about that because it's just it's just a wild story like yeah like things so many things could happen to like now and sewing dying the fear Shit Man on a little bit leftover I guess a somber note right later note I guess Oh it's not too late on a medium heavy Nisa too bad as it's not like hefty hefty hefty but it's like hefty so i WanNa talk about the The stories of these black kids getting beat up by white kids we'll damn yeah that's not lehto no because I want to talk about it well it's not ask talk I WanNa talk about it 'cause like it's okay there's a reason for for this because there's a lot of things happening in the current world that we're in so it's like I'm just this is my two cents on it so recently in Florida there's a school called the Blake Academy looks like it's like a like a private school I'm pretty sure it's private school 'cause they're wearing uniforms in like I I share this because one day that's going to be our kids and like dog if something like this was to happen to her our kid where you know because I'm looking to one day bring our kids like a private school or whatever and all that stuff if that was ever happens one of Arcades I would flip gasps you're telling me stuff happens at private schools even though you said private schools are so much better nothing like this happened I'm on I'm just saying we're also right but I'm saying so yeah I'm not saying terrible parents that have big they handle things how it was handled at my school like if you had an issue with another kid and he talked to the principal whatever it was handled like versus like I've seen little go to Publix cool and him have issues with lump novel Little Kid talked to the principal nothing happens like I've seen that so yeah I say this because Yo- okay let me see if I share this clip with you here so you can idea this like what check this out wants to play like dog and it's it looks like it's wait I feel like I've heard about this oh I think I saw the post that the mother made on facebook mom dad made posts on twitter like getting like little shit again I'm on are you serious dog why this eighteen year old thinking he a big boy why it sounds like whoever's recording is probably a little bit older and it's just sitting there recording like I got a problem with you like literally all those kids are at fault if I saw video association like you don't have to be the person hit it I would be so upset and I'd WanNA speak to each and every one of those parents like I won't do anything to the kids because of course it's wrong by WanNa talk to each and every one of those those parents now why because what are you teaching your kids where you think that's cool that makes me so irritated when I saw that you know it makes me think it's it's kind of crazy because you could go and do that but watch there could be parents don't care laugh in your face because they're you know they're racist or they're put on Shark adduce the right pressure somewhere now you've probably some of that but I'm saying like if you went to talk to dogs okay if you don't take it like that then I'll find some other way to hurt you like whether it's being able to press charges somewhere sue or something I like it's habit of other way to hurt you it's happening like not physically hurt you but like hurts you financially or whatever like I'm not enough for it like Yo that's so messed up and you know it's funny out seeing this like change happen online where people were trying to be more mindful of the words like influencers and it's like you know kids are getting bullied based on like their phones like if they if the for example it has a blue bubble kids again getting bullied because Yo you got the green bubble it's a bubble when you're texting dog come on Oh oh Oh yeah no I joke with my friends because they'll be like oh I don't have an iphone I'm like I know you green like actually being read about it because we're adults will like actually see that though I really could because kids pick apart everything and they take the stupidest stuff and they make it the biggest deal and you're encapsulated in this school that you think is forever like and it feels like that's all your life says in like also someone that happened earlier this week with this you know black oh being a chee shoes school sys- Some Emmanuel Chris Christian School Mike Pence's wife works at the school there's also interesting essentially the school was like super heavy like I there about their they don't agree with same sex like so you know that Bible and Bible pretty much you can't live together before we married before he married you can't be with sex at all like all that stuff they probably even disapprove of us has that ever been used against people as like a Bible thing yeah we talked about it with gene fame lady it says in the Bible besides someone's stupid like her like I feel like.

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