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We'll also take your texts and tweets, Tom, Scott that and of course, we'll get to your calls, and we'll have calls all of the next hour with doc Wallach as well. Doc another story. I know you're telling us about the selenium SIDS, and that's a that's a great wonder that you did that I can't believe they didn't include that ingredient with anything. Well, it took thirty years of fighting to get them to put it into the baby formulas, the only had four minerals, and you original baby formulas from the nineteen forties. And they didn't start calling send him a distant Rome is syndrome until nineteen seventy-one prior to that going all the way to the bible days. They call it overlying where they believed. It was women rolling over in Suffolk. Babies laying on them. And they didn't realize it was the same thing that causes a sudden heart deaths in the young athletes. Well, being a pathologist when you look at the heart of these kids who died three months of age. And when Milan I did those twenty one let's see we did one thousand seven hundred times kids under the age of ten is published in three languages the journal. Tracey Ullman research and two hundred of those seventeen hundred kids under the age of six months that had died of SIDS sentiment is syndrome is the same heart disease, same deficiency, heart disease, young athletes time from like this kid, Brandon Allen who just died. That's that's sad story nother story for you before we go to call stock. It says a daily aspirin the little baby aspirin, eighty two milligrams no longer recommended to prevent heart attacks and older adults who do not have a high risk or existing heart disease. What do you think of that? Well, it's about time and they've figured it out because the whole theory behind answering thing was to reduce blood clots with aspirin, and of course, most heart attacks, not caused by trombone blood clots, okay, coronary thrombosis, most heart attacks, your caused by plaque in your arteries, which is inflammation from oils olive oil coconut, I'll MCTL's margins manny's cooking Claude you up. I guess and I'm sorry. The clogs you up. Yeah. It it causes inflammation and your arteries respond by making scar tissue. There is no cholesterol in a blockage in the arteries that there was a whole false theory. And they told you to use aspirin to try and keep blood. From cloudy, and there, well, it was a whole false theory. And I'm glad to see that they finally caught up with that. Let's go to some calls as they line up here for you dot gov. Also got some Email questions that have been flying in as well. Let's go to New Jersey Vinnie's with us Vinnie. Welcome to the program. I George Vinnie. Thank you. Thanks my wanting to call for a while. And I'm glad I got through. Thanks for taking my call. Sure. I need to know what to do for my girl. She has not she's on oxygen twenty four seven, and I have David take your light is diabetes and blood Clinton, my lower leg that was let's go with the girl. I how old is she? She is sixty one. Okay. Does she have any other issues like skin problems, asthma dermatitis or psoriasis? No, oh, do you have any pressure diabetes? Thanks yourself. She did have high blood pressure at one time. But now she's down to like ninety seven pounds controlled with medication or is. She just gonna done by diet and exercise just I guess, but why she eats? She doesn't take medication anymore for cocaine. She weighs again how much ninety seven pounds ninety seven pounds. Okay. Well, she'll PD chronic obstructive. Pulmonary disease is caused by a lack of a hormone that causes the bronchitis. Air tubes. Stay open. And so we gotta give her the is raw material for her lungs to make this hormone O'Kane sorta hundred pounds give or take a little bit. We'd never get rid of all the bad stuff. So we're going to maximize absorption, no fried foods, and you're going to have to do the same thing. You guys live together wash your clothes together. Prepare your food together. You're both can have to eat the same diet, no fried foods, no process, mecer nitrates. Nitrites absolutely no oils. And no gluten no we no barter oats Arnold such things are gluten free oats one hundred pounds. I'd ever take one healthy, brain and heart PAKs per month. Get an extra bottle of the ebays so she can take three F as twice a day and the fish. Fish oil. Plus it to the fish will be by Louis, if they plus it'll be the fish oil in there too. And so I wanted to get another bottle of the FAA's by self to go along with that. So she'll be able to take three the FA pluses twice a day, and the A pluses, which are the Fisher only she could take one with each meal and against you away from all the bad foods, and let's see here. We also have from our good herbs division series of herbs and actual help dilate those Airways and there's called healthy lungs support. And I wanted to get one bottle of that per month. She can use that one does today. The from our good herbs it's a tincture liquid and it helps support again, the opening of the dilation of those Airways, and she'll PD goes away fairly quickly now for yourself. You said you had diabetes. Yeah. His client my lower can't. Okay now. Did you have asthma as a kid? No. Okay. Damage skin problems asthma. Dermatitis rises. No, it's. Okay. Well, the reason I ask that when you have a gluten problem. So you need to be on the same diet is your lady Angelino fried foods. No process means no oils. Gluten is. There are no such things as gluten free oats. You must avoid oats. Okay. It's like saying like myself projectile. Well, no bullet is a projectile. No matter what you call it still gonna kill you. If you shoot yourself with it. Okay. So no, no. We know. And.

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