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The pirates in a game where they blew a lead. That was a hard series to watch. Very sloppy in the field. You know, I saw Austin Riley make a play the other day that was tremendous on a short hop. And then I watched some of these other teams. On the shift, they don't know who needs to run to the ball. They cut in front of guys. It's like, you have such inconsistency and good defensive play. The Giants had the bases loaded Friday night, hit a one hopper to first, and he three hops at the home. And the catcher can't hold the ball in the run scored in the inning continued. The giants game on Friday, the balls hit the first base, is you said a three hopper was like too hop the dirt and it popped up on the catch, and he should have been an easy hour. That was terrible. He couldn't even look to second, but the picture probably wouldn't have covered for the double play to end the ending. So I think the easy out at home, they couldn't even get that. Royals come off that win over the Dodgers yesterday and they go to Minnesota. This is an interesting spot here, bubic against Ryan. Twins. Almost a $2 favorite here a mall with a total of 8. I actually like the visitors here in this spot. I have a hard time back in Kansas City because a lack of offense, but I think if you're in Minnesota, you've got to get on track and you've got to do it. You got a 25 now from a dollar 90 on the overnight. Well, I think that's the guardians. The all right, one 90. To me, when you look at this twins team, they need this game badly. Run line plus the dollar 5. I like taking the run line against the royals here that bullpen is bad. Mike Minnesota, it's turning into code red. They still have 8 games against the guardians, but they've got to be within about two games if they're going to make a push. And the schedule shakes out pretty well for the guardians. They've got 30 of their next 48 to close out the season at home. Yeah. And then these two teams meet these two teams played all their games in two bunches. Once they're in the earlier part of the year and then in the last two weeks of the season, a's are in Texas tonight, obviously the rangers under new management could probably going for the ace. Otto for the rangers, the rangers a dollar 55 favorite with a total of 8 of them all. Yeah, it's an interesting one. I'd like to see how this team responds today. We get an idea of how the feelings of Chris Woodward were in the lineup in that Clubhouse and locker room based on a little bit of the performance coming up in the next few days, but this Houston team continues to struggle. They get two runs late in the 9th inning yesterday, but they are just not a particularly strong team, Mike. This team is reeling right now, having lost 8 in a row. You know, if you like the rangers here, not the worst play in the world. Astros at the White Sox are Katie for the Astros, Jose, Johnny cueto for the White Sox, asters of short road favorite here from all of a dollar 30 with a total of 8 and a half, juice to the over, I take a look at her kitty and the strobes here tonight. I like the home dog actually. You do? Yeah, even though the White Sox can't score and they somehow get like four runs and they make it hold up, but I think I was a guy that I think has been so underrated throughout his career. This Houston team feasted on Oakland over the weekend. I think it would be a bit more challenging against cueto and I think or kitty's their capable of hitting him. You know what the thing with the White Sox is they can't get the consistent or big hit when they need it. I asked Jeff Erickson about the Mariners angels game Castillo against ohtani. Here's another three flat for the first 5 plus one O 5 if you like to go under three. Yeah, the Marlins ones even money on the under. Okay. This one plus one O 5. Yeah, I have more faith in the Marlins game going under because you have the ineptitude of the Marlins offense. The angels are still capable of doing something offensively from time to time. I think Castillo is the play here at the minus one ten and angels are minus one 20 at DraftKings, but for me, I would look at the M's. All right, I want to talk to you about the division races in baseball first, and then we can talk about yes, no on the playoffs. You've said the guardians were going to win the central. Their favoritism, but you can still get them at a plus number. There were four to one just two weeks ago. You can get them at plus one O 5. Do you think plus one O 5 warrants a bet? Right now there are two and a half games ahead of both Minnesota and the Chicago White Sox. I absolutely do. I think they're going to run away and hide Minnesota, excuse me, Minnesota just doesn't have the consistency still in the bullpen. You know, Mike, they have an opportunity on a day where the guardians lost. So the loss you actually would have negated that game on Saturday, instead of sitting two and a half back most importantly too in the lost column. I don't know. I think it's going to be a road challenge from the White Sox not consistent enough. Everybody keeps saying the white sex widex. At some point in time, they are who they are. Bill Parcells to me is the greatest line in sports. You are what your record is. And this team is not particularly good. They have base running gaps. They have mistakes, mental mistakes constantly. They're just not a good team. Do you trust the end of the back half of their bullpen? The White Sox? You're supposed to. Well, no, hold on a minute. When graveman is good, Hendrix is bad when Hendrix is good grave is bad. Yeah. The other race, the NL central, cardinals close to $2 now in the market. You can find them at one 90. Brewers plus a dollar 45. This is totally flipped from where the brewers were two 50 and the Cardinals were as much as plus one 90 plus $2. Do you believe this is over? This is the cardinal's division. I do Jack flirty right now made a rehab stint this past weekend. They get him back in Nicholas was outstanding. I think this team is going to be dangerous. I think St. Louis experienced their lack of consistency offensively with the difference. I believe they'll come out of this division. Now again, still close race game and a half back just one in the lost column. So there's definitely an opportunity here for Milwaukee. This thing is far from over, but I just feel like the way this team is playing and you look at Milwaukee's schedule, Mike, a little bit of an issue in 7 of their next ten games. They get the Dodgers. I mean, you talk about a tough, tough spot to be in. And they do have the Cardinals for two more games and then another two game set. They've got two two game sets against the Cardinals. Would you take the no on the brewers in the playoffs? I would, if you believe the Padres are going to ascend, but we believe the Philadelphia. So it's really it's three teams for two spots. San Diego, Philadelphia, Milwaukee. They're separated by a total of two games right now. Yeah, I would agree with you there and I think both of the other teams have been a little bit more consistent and the Padres having to play those I'm sorry, the brewers having to play 7 of their ten games against the Dodgers. Mike, they could end up going two and 5, one in 6, would it surprise anybody? American League, a little more complicated. The wild card. Toronto is a game up on Tampa Bay, Seattle, a half game up with Tampa Bay being the third wild card, Baltimore game and a half back, Minnesota, and the White Sox two games back. Yeah, I think we're going to wind up with Toronto Seattle, and then I don't know who that third team is going to be, whether it's Tampa Baltimore, Chicago or Minnesota, but I'll tell you one thing. I'm more interested in Seattle getting in. I really don't care about the wildcard race because Toronto's been disappointing all year.

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