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Players have been cut Kevin working to get this up on the website, so we'll get that to you in just a moment, but I'll read them here. To Shawn Amos. Chris Barnes, Evan Baylis, Reggie Beg, Wilton. Henry Black Cody Conway. Um DiMaria Crockett. CIPA, Nelly I Jake Hanson, Zach Johnson, Jake Kumerow. John Logue, Lieu. Alex Light, Jon Lovett, Willington Avalon, Greg Roberts, Stanford Samuels, Dante Scott, Darius Shepherd. Malik Turner, Dexter Williams, Tim Williams, Those players have been released. They placed Curtis Bolton on the reserve, physically unable to perform list placed Simon Stepinac and Patrick Taylor on the Reserve nonfootball injury list and waved Injured lineman Travon Hester and quarterback Will Sunderland. Here you go have at it. I said that other moves happening too. But I had one move there that I didn't like it. You can get. Do they cut that? I don't like it. What was it, Kumar? Oh, no. Wait. We share a name. How many names did you Malik. You know Evan Evan Baylis events have to stick together. Uber bias. Well, your bike have banded Packers fans. Go crazy go crazy. Nobody knows nobody knows. Expect other moves happening toe Sure cut people. No bigger name got caught recently and I can't think of that guy's name up there. One player That's probably going to be added to the injury, the injured reserve list so you can come back if they need him later in the year. Nobody knows Evan. Nobody knows. All we know is Aaron Rodgers is good. And about the Adam just got Adams's Smith's Yes. Anything else that I think. Is there anybody 123 theory far? Yeah. Okay. You know what you're gonna get from him. No, it's the clothes. Mason Crosby, you and Mason. Anyway, That's it. Everything else is your guess is as good as your guess is as good as ours. Okay, so Northeastern University Says they announced yesterday. As the school attempts to prevent the pandemic. Don't you think about this from disrupting students return to campus? This fault they have dismissed 11 1st year students because they were violating social distancing rules at a hotel out of schools. Bigger schools are using hotels is extended temporary dorms. They're not going to be fun. The tuition And that gonna refund it to Asian students were found at the Westin Hotel. That's pretty nice. In his northeastern, but that that's pretty nice. The students were found in the Western Hotel on Wednesday night, not wearing face coverings and and flouting social distancing protocols, according to a university spokesman. We will not be permitted to take classes online this fall, but will be allowed to return in the spring. Students were part of a one semester program for freshmen that was purchased in advance. For over $36,000 tuition will not be refunded the students who were dismissed They have the rightto contest the dismissals at a hearing. University is one of several schools in the Northeast to allow students to return for classes despite the ongoing pandemic, though some have already begun rolling back in class in person classes. As cast A CZ cases on campus is that again. Some have already begun rolling back in person classes as cases on campuses ramp up. You've got other schools like North Carolina Chapel Hill. They've opted to move everything online, Notre Dame has temporarily shifted to their online. Avenue again, They're going to try to resume in person this week. The university, said the students at Northeastern were reminded on multiple occasions this week to follow pandemic protocols. And we're required to not do acknowledge reviewing the student handbook, which listed all of the required procedure. But what what is your reaction to that? What do you think? Now they're going to be accepted back in the spring. My question would be. Does that mean you're going to wave their spring semester tuition because you hung on to the fall semester tuition? You're going to say, Hey, you gotta pay it again. And if they don't come back for the spring at that time, might Northeastern refund this tuition? I mean, they haven't really started school, and if they did, it was just for a few days. I don't know about that. That that does not American like that does not. Sit well with me the fact that you're hanging out of tuition You're hanging on. To tuition..

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