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Hurd uh there have been many many since says a people bringing some money in from the outside who ultimately is not familiar with the culture not familiar with the person's can change the dynamic and really raised is the bar and they struck and they struggle because they don't have you know the inside information the deep relationships at center so i think there are a lot of benefits from promoting from with and without question the obvious drawback is how do you get people especially those i would focus primarily on those who feel that maybe they were uh stepped on if you well in a while this other person uh ascended or maybe just bypassed in the process in out why did not get the job i wasn't either one who was promoted said that that's always difficult and i think that a wise leader for uh would really tried a max and with that other purse then you know m a monnard a monarch to continue to be able to work with you i want be able to continue to support you obviously when different roles and were before but i still see it as important for me to be able to ensure that you succeed just like i try to do when we were teammates and so you know you you take the elephant out of their out of the room you know you acknowledge it for what it is you back the curtain you have the real honest conversation about it and he say look we have two ways we can move forward here we could even move either move forward as we have his teammates recognizing that i as a leader what we will have a little bit of a different relationship in i can't quite be out what the guys you know after after work at the at at the nearby you know coffee house whatever it is like we used to be maybe not quite like that but i definitely want to make sure that we continue to optimize and that i see was a valid in all as as as a real player in that conversation so so be honest the open technology for what it is and really try to get that person support but you know occasionally where you have somebody who's just not able to do that you then have to approach it at the time but hopefully on.

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