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Staff your senior staff is you just referenced is able to get tested every day when will it be that Americans across the country will be able to get tested every day as they go back to work very soon I mean really very sensitive dressing question because normally you would have said that day you are not tested and you would have been you know knocking us for not getting tested so if we get tested it's a problem and if we don't get tested it's a problem but I like the way your question was phrased better this way because it is a positive we are tested we have great capability you look at all of these machines here they're incredible machines is that the best anywhere in the world no no place in the world has this kind of equipment other countries are calling sophisticated car companies and their call in lots of countries and we're trying to make as much as we can available to them because there's nothing like what we've been able to do and I literally a couple of months what they've been able to do the private sector what they how they got it done this is a five to fifteen minute test as an example the Abbott laboratories that these tests are highly sophisticated a very quick very good this is things that didn't even exist a short while ago so we do have a great testing capability at the White House were doing it and I think generally speaking we had a call with the governors the other day generally speaking without exception they were all extremely happy with what's going on with respect to their testing president Donald Trump in the White House rose garden this was his first regular news conference in about two weeks but it did end abruptly he hold on a couple of reporters one reporter stepped up and said you called on me the president disagreed went back and forth a bit and the president ended the news conference we covered it live on C. span radio on C. span television we have the video at C. span dot org and now to Capitol Hill with the Senate is in session the house not yet officially back the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell laid out the agenda for the week which includes nominations and an anti terrorism bill are committed to working or you're on the floor will start this week by confirming two more qualified nomination portent post they should not remain empty at this time we'll begin a broader coverage options nine about president trump to serve as deputy secretary of housing and urban development then we'll turn to Troy Edgar California company chief financial officer at the department of homeland security now the front runner status from my distinguished democratic colleagues complain that the full Senate should not have to spend more time on these sorts of uncontroversial executive branch nominees I agree I agree but as long as their own democratic leadership continues to hold important posts empty for as long as possible in order despite the White House as long as the minority continues to break from longstanding Senate president to obstruct even the least controversial nominations Democrats will have to continue to show up to vote on the flotation a dislike of the direct result of their own doctors we're also going to take up important legislation this week **** overnight train rightly dominates headlines around the world United States of America also faces many serious threats before us right before this virus began to spread and they're still with us today so later this week will turn back toward reauthorizing important authorities under the foreign intelligence surveillance act this is urgent because the house refused to take up the Senate short term extension of important counterterrorism and counterintelligence authorities before they left town house Democrats let the tools expire so we must act quickly to clean up the mess and renews the Tories which our government needs to fight terrorist instructed agents of China and Russia the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell he was followed by the minority leader Chuck Schumer and like Chuck Schumer did last week today questioned why there was no corona virus a build schedule for debate and vote this week here on the Senate floor for the second week in a row we are living in the alternative reality of the Republican leader McConnell's making he is scheduled no legislative business here on the floor related to covert nineteen nine no measures for the unemployed no relief for renters are homeowners no legislation to increase testing capacity no proposals to help state and local governments retain teachers and firefighters bus drivers and police officers looking at the Senate calendar you never know that were working in the midst of a national crisis it looks like any other session a few executive nominations hearings on right wing judges legislation from previous months that the leader should not have delayed it's just totally totally divorced from reality the Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer Majority Leader McConnell pointed out that there are several corona virus related Senate oversight hearings this week on topics that include financial regulations and state of broadband the hearing that will likely get the most attention is Tuesday with a key member of the White House coronavirus task force here's more on this from senator Schumer now tomorrow in the help committee there will be a hearing conducted remotely with doctor Falchuk this is the kind of hearing we need not once a week but several a day the American people need to hear from experts in a fair open and truthful setting until now we've mostly heard from the members of the corona virus task force through the distorted lens of the White House press conference with the president often prevents them from answering fully interrupts their response or even contradicts their fact based advice this will be one of the first opportunities for doctor found cheap to tell the American people the unvarnished truth without the president lurking over his shoulder doctor felt she let it rip but it shouldn't be this one committee hearing tomorrow and it shouldn't be doctor found she alone testifying or even with the two is testifying with this is the routine oversight business of Congress and now we're now in a crisis it should occur in every committee every week Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer on the Senate floor house Democrats are getting ready to unveil their bill for next round of coronavirus economic relief and joining us now with more is Sarah Ferris congressional reporter with politico what do we know about what might be in this bill and when it'll be released so and the Democrats have been working to assemble this bill which is expected to cost multi trillion dollars and what we know is that this is gonna be a really bold ambitious plans and there's talk about having money in there for mail in voting there's talk about having money in there for hazard pay for front line workers we know for sure that there will be a lot of money for state and local governments that are on the brink of cutting services and a lot of places because they simply aren't seeing the revenues and payroll taxes and all got all of that sort of thing coming in so there are these governments are basically going broke Democrats have said they want to put one trillion dollars towards both state and local probably split up between state and then that the municipalities to ensure the money does trickle all the way down so there's a lot of things that they've been pushing for many of them they've been trying to get into previous bills but Republicans have simply dismiss those on there saying that Democrats want to put down their own marker they don't want to be forced to agree to what Republicans want they're hoping that they put the coldest possible plan out there they want to show the American people how much money they're willing to spend how much they're willing to invest in the recovery and they're hoping that Republicans will be feeling the pressure from their constituents who agree with them on on a really bold cost of response what's the timing on this when we'll see the bill and when the house may vote on no it's it's really amazing to think how quickly they have written to spell it's been in the works for a couple of weeks are the speaker and her committee chairs really got down to business last week trying to winnow down and that the final ideas deciding what exactly is gonna make them to the bill they had initially hoped to get that done by Friday that timeline slipped there was a lot of weekend work now we're we're hearing that the the speaker will be releasing that plan sometime on Tuesday Shelby's briefing heard hawkish on some of the details a leader on Monday and so we may hear a little bit more about exactly what much might be in that plan but but so far we did to speaker has been reiterating you know there will be a lot of money in there for state local governments four she said there will be mail in voting she said there will be early for front line workers there will be safety net programs like food assistance there will be a lot of money for testing in contact tracing so we do know a lot of the tenants of this plan already it's just a question of how big will be exactly and whether the full democratic caucus will be able to unite behind it which I expect they will be we're speaking with Sarah Ferris of politico as you mentioned in this a lot of reporting describing this bill as a wish list and that he will likely not become law because the Senate mean not taken up the president wouldn't sign it so when the house passes this what happens next that's a good question we don't know the members themselves still now the biggest is that the reason that that house Democrats are doing this of course is because they haven't been able to lay down a marker of what exactly they want they haven't been able to be the ones to to have the opening bid to Republicans and bigger policy and her pockets which are getting a really rest if they want to be able to show the American people that they're committed to working quickly and urgently even as they remain home bound because it's not safe to return to the capital yet for the house so there's a lot of Democrats out there who just want to go very bold in this opening offer of basically the extracts that after this this bill comes out the house will vote on it they'll be able to then use that as a launch pad to start discussions with Republicans but they want to sell the American people first what they want to do not what they could do with Republicans said yes and those are the three bills that we've seen so far so this is gonna be a really important as I said I'm a marker for the house Democrats but it will not become law as as we see it come out on Tuesday and you mention home bound want to ask you you've been doing this now for a.

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