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West hal greer willis reed butcher havlicek. Sam jones nate thurmond billy cunningham and so that group you can see a lot of why they they got there not just individual excellence but all of those guys except for elgin baylor had championships retired and so championships figure really a lot. In this i looked at also in the top fifty the fifty th anniversary list. Only nine guys made that who did not win rings and that was a baylor. Nate thurmond. pete. Muravich dave being george urban. Charles patrick ewing stockton malone Only one mvp only one guy who had won mvp during the first fifty years didn't make the top fifty. That was bob. Mce do so. Mvp feels like an almost automatic election. Unless you're bob mcadoo. So let's get to bob mcadoo for a second because one of the guys one of the guys on wrestling wrestling with. Yeah he got. He got snubbed. In one thousand nine hundred ninety six my good friend mark stein has never forgiven you in the rest of that voting panel for i leaving off one of his his childhood heroes. And there's a really strong case can do to make it. But that's now you're adding training mat. Mcadoo ended twenty five guys from the new era and not selling. Knock off too many guys. Did you let me just ask in general again. Without giving away your your seventy five ballot regrets misgivings looking back about who got left off for all. I know you might have voted for. Mcadoo had been outvoted in nineteen ninety-six but between mcadoo and adrian dantley dominique Those are three guys that were considered snubs back than dominique. In particular and a lot of people i think are trying to find ways now to get dominique on the seventy five team. We're the guys that you thought. That were legitimately snubbed. And when i say legitimately snubbed. I mean it's not just the usual complaint but like this was a mistake these guys should have been on yeah dominate and it's interesting what's ninety said howard because we're we all try to get rid of and i think in general one of the things that were try one of the few things we do pretty well is vote on these things. We take it very seriously every year. There's an mvp boat. Oh you're just like him because he you know. We tried to get rid of stuff and we call up other people and we try to do that correctly. Because it seems it seems important however comma as we had these little things inside of us that talked to us and they are a little as prejudices. I'm not even gonna call. That likes dislikes. And i hear bob mcadoo whispering tiny and for me dominique when i was covering bolivia i just loved the i just..

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