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And calm the fuck down. Made a video where i was like. Oh you can fucking thirty year. Old girl shaking their cheeks this app but i say something against the narrative and ono got taken down in this speech. Remember the guy's name for hate speech and they repealed and said oh it doesn't actually have it in it and they're really because you can appeal your your videos. And he was talking about how the government loves pandemics and they make money off because this is a this is a pandemic of convenience and eventually wanted to iran episode about this for people that are interested because a lot of this shit has been put in place in plan. Hillary clinton said we have to take this opportunity. Furthest pandemic blah blah blah blah blah. It's fucked up man. They're using this for all sorts of fucking shit. It's been set up since the get killed. I mean it's an undisputable fact that some people that have already been pretty and rich have gotten a lot book and richer because of this whole situation and a lot of people that were you know. Investing every saving every cent that they had into their business got completely and utterly shit on yet so meanwhile pfizer can be broken make billions of dollars back from alder sued investments and many times now. They won't get sued because they have the liability clauses fucking disgusting. That will be iran episode. Because i need to stop talking about this to stay on topic. We're talking about shit because the world has gotten so fucking mother. Mu queen wanted to say that i was like everyone's talking about this new dealt there's new variant called the lambda vary and i was like sounds familiar doesn't it i played the lambda landon lambda lou. This second fuck in revenge of the nerds synchronous christ like laughing about that shit. That people were like that's hilarious and she traveled. It shows. You travel to egypt where she became known. Isis ties right into samarium dude which is weird that the fact that the group isis which is which is the same as al-qaeda. They're all the same. They're just fucking a new form of it and they just changed the name. They named it after the the goddess of fucking beauty. That's a little weird. But i think there's something that's lost in translation that was westerners just aren't getting with why they picked isis own. But i honestly have no idea. I've wondered that myself as well. Fuck your islamic extremists with the fuckers isis. Have to do with anything or no. So queen moo this this mother how she i supposed to founded the egyptian civilization. that's the theory goes however. His interpretation of the mayan book is considered by experts in mind archaeological archaeology and history as complete bullshit. Essential essentially so people dispute bullshit constantly. Oh this that very mean adornment of like bridge fashioned not function exactly. Yeah so the idea of the maria as something more than a physical place or at least somewhere which has been inhabited by non human entities. Before the appearance of man arrives from the writings of colorful cultist helena bavasi so von ski was a co founder together with henry steel all caught right And ryoko of the deal loss. Theo fucking theology. Society are sophy. society says the whatever the osophy society in new york in eighteen seventy five. This society wasn't esoteric order designed to study the mythic teachings of both christianity and eastern religion. And when we get home bosque maybe it will be me and you do in that especially and it'll be a long one but i'm not gonna get into a lot of her bullshit because there's too much to cover you start doing dangerously close into the racist german the german territory. Shall we say nothing against germans right now. My favorite language early and her massive tome the secret doctrine as we said it is a big book. Listener bavasi describes a history of origin. Eating millions of years ago with the lords of flays goes on the five races of men which have existed on earth. Each one dying al irshad during cataclysm. So the third of these racist she called the la- mirian which lived a million years ago and they were Bizarre telepathic giants who kept dinosaurs as pets. Which sounds fucking fine. Yes the lake. They're supposed to agree agree. Jesus christ to exist like what is fucking two million to eight million. They started eight million and they go to twenty to fifty bc and delirium after the hyper hyperion and pre atlanta in which is like double down prerecorded history because at least plato talks about atlanta's but lem areas just kind of like deep hidden hidden hidden human history. I like the idea of human giants. And i think that it could be correct. I think that that we could have had giants back in the day. I mean we definitely could have. It's definitely spoken about most ancient cultures. Okay so yes. They did supposedly find bones her what state i was in visiting some science museum and they had a mammoth skull and that was allegedly. What they thought was a A giant skull because it only had one eye hole in it. So that's where the inspiration for the cyclops came from at least in modern mythology. Obviously the cyclops. Is you know greek. So that's way before we ever discovered mammoth bones. But it is i they i would think they would cover it up because they want people to know but i. The dinosaurs has pet. Sounds really fun. Though i would i would i would train like i'm fucking chris pratt some philosopher raptors to to eat my enemies. I want an ankylosaur that do that has the biggest bone thing on the back of his taylor swings around fucking shit up. Oh yeah gotta spiny as back. When i was a kid man. That was my favorite that and for some reason like the iguanadon or whatever which is the dinosaur that has thumbs what yes has like opposing the lake. It didn't anything but it's just. I can dinosaurs. It's so cool trick. Donald dick but montani reach coolest eventually drowned when their continent was submerged beneath the pacific ocean. And there's different stories of all of this. But supposedly the marines were the fourth root race of humans and the human atlantans who brought down by the use.

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