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What to watch fifty seven percent get frustrated when content disappears from their streaming libraries survey. Also suggests folks are getting better at piecing together, the media, they want Christine Goodwin. Fox news. So twenty-seven out in. Newsradio nine twenty four seven FM. We were talking about restaurants atop the top states is top states. Tom cities. Cities when it comes to fast food. But what are the judging is it is it the quality of fast food or the people who go there interested as well. So this is this is a study that was done by the best food city in every state. And sometimes even foodies they wanna get something a little more low key. So I if you want to know which city has the best fast food, this is what they looked at Ron apartment guide. They did the work and they figured out that based on the number of fast food chains per-capita. All right. And it turns out that. So it's pretty much. How just how how populated with fast food? You are. That's what we're looking at. It. Turns out some of our fast food meccas are are pretty popular tourist destinations with Orlando being number one. That's number one for fast food, how about shake shack just opened up here. We've been tracking the customers were lined up outside for the grand opening of the state's first shake shack location burger chain opened up for business yesterday on fair street that smack dab in the middle of Providence's college hill neighborhood, by the way chain describes itself as a modern day roadside burger stand known for its one hundred percent all natural beef, burgers chicken sandwiches. Also, grizzled flattop doggies, so no hormones, no antibiotics and their stuff and they make frozen custard. Fresh and each and every day, they said and crispy crinkle cut fries and so much more. An addition shake shack by the wave of serving going to serve bru-. Oh, nice Bruschi. I don't think you could do that as a place like that. I guess they're going to look for license obviously, they do. So have some local beer Narragansett. Foolproof brewing company and whalers brewing company. Very cool. They also at least in the New York one I've been event to shake shack before I got to say, okay. So good. But I gotta let you know to run. They got they have some dog treats they do. Unless that but to bring Hazel he's on my might be a fan. What are you doing go into a shake shack? You don't eat meat. This is before I know now that it's here. It's guy million. Gonna break the rules freshly made frozen custard too. So chic shack opens up in providence over in the providence, college hill neighborhood and business was brisk yesterday there were lined up to get in. That's pretty cool say thirty NewsRadio nine twenty one zero four seven FM stick a peek at how the traffic.

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