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38 with the Minsky and Doyle Governor Murphy's major announcement today, made in collaboration with New York and Connecticut, is that things are gonna be opening up. A restaurant specifically could go to 100% with precautions either have to have 16th of distance or Plexi glass separating the tables. In order to reach that 100%. Yeah, because obviously a lot of places the way they're gonna be set up if you maintain six ft between tables Moves, whatever then, right, you're not going to really get to 100%. But that's their solution. Well, then put plexiglass up, So I just looked this up now. I don't know if this is still current because this is several months old, but What I'm looking at is, um it used to be for just one square foot of plexiglass that it would be about $10 per square foot, but because there became this high demand for Plexi glass He was going for upwards of $30 per square foot. So if you even just had, like three ft by three Ft. I mean, right, $90. Her plus installation. Three ft by three FT. Well, wait, How many square feet? You mean? Like, nine square feet? Yeah, Yeah. $270. Yeah, $270, And that's just the material So you and you would figure you would need at least something like nine square feet. Between between seven tables could cost thousands of thousands of dollars. So yeah, What? I don't know. What do you think? Is he trying? Are you giving him any credit? Is this a win? Or is this way too little too late? Tell us, John and Manchester you're on New Jersey One of 1.5. Yeah, I agree with Jefferson Way too little way too late, especially to the hundreds of small restaurants that couldn't weather the storm. Um and as far as him making his announcement this week Since it's May 19th that he's actually gonna do it. Obviously, he could have done it last week. Yeah. Oh, I think so. You know what he's going to say, John. He's going to say over the metrics changed. The transmission rate went down, but I mean, it was all heading that way anyway, and there was nothing in sight to indicate that it wasn't keep going to keep improving. So, yeah, I think he got backlash last week, and I think this was more of a political decision. Yeah, well, he said that it was not based on politics was based on the data because you know it's the right thing to do so it's impossible for a politicians and not based on them. On, uh, on politics in an election year, John, Thanks for your call. Mary Ann Hamilton. You're on New Jersey One of 1.5. I believe that is too little, too late. I believe that he destroyed this state. I believe that he's given us a fake reward, because honestly, You know you're not going to tell the difference. It doesn't even feel like there were restrictions. So he's given us a reward that looks as though one open it back up, But it's going to be exactly how it is now. I went in the store. When I want the people. We were pretty much In the door. No one was counting us. We did what we wanted. We got out what we wanted, so it's no different, but psychologically. I feel like he's just manipulating us over open, innit? You like everything is closed. Like people. Businesses have closed down. So so what's the benefit with the Hary about? I don't get it. Just me personally. And you know you you just touched on this. When was the last time that you were in a store where you noticed some worker was actually taking a head count of those coming and leaving. No, not not since last year Like Cindy, Yeah, definitely last year, so it is. I don't see what the difference is going to be A. I think it's really just political and He'd just taken me. I'm sorry. I feel like that, but and you know, And it's funny because I know that certain bars and restaurants have had Hellfire rained down upon them, you know, for breaking some of these protocols. But I can't remember reading any stories about the state fining the failure of, you know, head counting for capacities and places like Wal Mart or Target or the grocery store or grocery stores yet? No, nobody's been counting those people and look how crowded some of these aisles have been. I mean, that's another question I would like to ask. I mean, there's this kind of like Is this kind of giving us something that part of it is that just handing us a gift that we already had anyway? Because I don't think they were complying anyway. Annie and East Brunswick, you're under Jersey one a 1.5. Hi. Um, so I am a old time teaching, but part time server. I've been doing this for like, 10 years working like three shifts a week. Um, and I just have to speak for Mr Lewis perspective and just hope that people can be patient with us as we do go up to 100%. You know, we're running his restaurant inside outside patios tense. What the scene Lana staff. We had 50%. So just, you know a government reputation. As these restaurants are getting back to normal. That's all that I can ask of the server. In the restaurant where you work, Will you be able to get close to 100% while maintaining social distance? Well, A lot of the tables that were previously inside are now under our tent, so I'm not sure. Yeah, I don't know. Time, Annie. Thanks for your call, and another major story That's been going on is a lot of places. They're having a hard time finding people to work Right now..

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